Check out what your local bartenders in VIC are doing for World Bartender Day!


Gin Palace Goes Dark

Gin Palace

On Thursday 20th February Gin Palace will be hosting an intimate event that pairs each of our cocktails from The Perfect Blend with bespoke tasting plates, there will be 2 session times. One for 6pm-7:30pm and another from 8pm-9:30pm. After this we will open up the room to some of our friends in hospitality. This will be an event to celebrate cocktail culture and to educate interested consumers about Beam Suntory and our individual cocktails.

We will be showcasing a special Beam Suntory one off menu for the evening, highlighting our bartender’s The Perfect Blend cocktail submissions for the evening, with bespoke food pairings that will be served side by side to entice the palate.


Drink and Donate

Gin Palace

Gin Palace will be hosting a 'Gaia Fundraising Night' on 18th February, where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to


The Hidden Gardan

Pietro Gallo Estate

For the period of February 10th until the 24th of February, the Olivigna Bar at Pietro Gallo Estate will be hosting Jordan’s new dram, The Hidden Garden. Featuring ROKU, accompanied by a variety of fresh flavours including yuzu lemon and sakura tea, to unearth the intricacies of ROKU.

They are also offering the cocktail to be purchased with paired liqueurs, as a palate cleanser and a fruity balance to the otherwise earthy cocktail, and because the venue make all of their own liqueurs.


GiveNow Gippsland Fundraising

The Cloakroom

The Cloakroom will be donating 100% of sales from the 'Day 1' cocktail to the GiveNow Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund during World Bartender Day 10th - 24th February 2020.

Day 1 is all about celebrating new beginnings. With this in mind we hope to encourage everyone to give the fire devastated Gippsland community a new beginning.

Here’s to your Day 1!


Aperitivo Hour


The No. 3 Special will be the aperitivo hour cocktail with matching banh mi inspired bites over the week with the cocktail being available during full service as well.


The Shake Up & Barbies and Boilers

Union Electric

The Shake Up is about how bartenders through the medium of a drink or drinks competition and with the support from a global media platform like The Blend have the ability to elevate, educate, promote and influence consciousness of these critical topics at a grassroots and global level.

During 10th-24th February, a series of 5 minute video discussions will be posted to instagram with a bar tender, bar manager or bar owner at the bar they work at or their favourite bar. It will feature the Stolen Dance cocktail as the centre piece of the questions. the idea behind the stolen dance cocktail was personal growth and understanding of the world around to make a positive contribution. The major question asked in each video will be... Why are Bartenders in a unique position to have a positive contribution to the world around us?

Each video will have a slightly different topic. Over the course of the activation they will have guests discuss many different topics like, sustainability of our world, sustainability of body and mind, science of booze, starting small business etc. all to gain engagement from the bar world and consumers alike for a bit of insight into our industry.

At the end of each video segment, they will play a secret sound. A sound familiar to bar tenders! If you can guess the secret sound every day and send it in the listener will go into the draw to win a bottle of Bowmore 12 and a batched bottle of the Stolen Dance cocktail. If they can guess the secret sound any day they will be able to go to the bar and quote the secret sound to receive 10% off their stolen dance cocktail.

On the Friday afternoons of the 14th and the 21st Union Electric will host a barbeque with donations recieved going to the Red Cross and Australian wildlife rescue organisation. Everyone who contirbutes will receive 10% off the stolen dance cocktail. Mini boiler makers of Bowmore 12 will be promoted with every beer purchase with 10% also going to charity.