Check out what your local bartenders in WA are doing for World Bartender Day!

Mechanics Institute Hospo Party

Mechanics Institute

The finalists at Mechanics Institute have decided to team up and throw a bit of a hospo party, in classic Mechanics style' on World Bartender Day, 24th of Feb.

Our cocktail list will be heavily stacked with Perfect Blend drinks throughout February!

Tacos at Caballitos


Olga will be selling a special taco with the ‘El Fuego Dulce’ cocktail. Guests will receive a pork taco with a pineapple topping, to compliment the drink.

Win @ Varnish


Win @ Varnish for World Bartender Day.

An American Whiskey bar starring a gin cocktail! Yes, you heard that right!

To celebrate the diversity of our knowledge and assortment of our libations, we are presenting a cocktail called Hellfire to Happiness, using the one and only ROKU Gin by Beam Suntory. Created by Jordan Harrison, a finalist for The Perfect Blend cocktail competition, we invite you to come join us for a rock n rock roll, gin and whiskey fuelled remember!

See you for the exclusive pour from February 10-24!

World Bartender Day at Ronnie Nights

Ronnie Nights

Manhalia will be available to purchase at Ronnie Nights from 10-24th February. Follow @ronnie_nights_fremantle on Instagram to see more of this drink.

Bush Fire Donations


During the activation period for World Bartender Day, Sauma Resturant will be donating a percentage of the profits from sales to a charity for the fires across Australia.

Next Stop: Kobuchizawa Station

Bar Lafayette

In conjunction with The Perfect Blend Cocktail Competition 2020 & World Bartender Day, Nathan Arias invites you to join him on a journey through to experiencing all things Suntory Hakushu Japanese Whiskey and find out his inspiration behind The Perfect Blend Cocktail Competition 2020 entry ‘WEST OF TOKYO’.

Tickets will include:

1. ‘WEST OF TOKYO’ Cocktail

2. Suntory Japanese Whiskey Masterclass: - Hakushu Distillers Reserve - Hakushu 12 Year Old - Hakushu 18 Year Old - Hibiki 17

3. ‘WEST OF TOKYO’ Glencairn Whiskey Glass

Authentic Japanese Sashimi provided by D’s Authentic Japanese: - Tuna, Salmon and Kingfish Hokkaido Scallops and seasonal white fish - Hakushu Whiskey infused Wasanbon and sesame tiramisu.

Event to be held 12th February.

Charity Donations and Cheese Pairings

Foxtrot Unicorn

40 Seconds to Perfection is available to purchase at Foxtrot Unicorn from now until 24th February. From 10th-24th February, $2 from every purchase of the cocktail will be donated to local and eastern fire services.

The finalists at Foxtrot Unicorn are running a cheese pairing menu for all 3 of their drinks from 10th-24th February.

Tom has also made up gift packs to send to other bars that stock Maker’s Mark, so they can make 40 Seconds to Perfection in their venue.

World Bartender Day at Long Chim

Long Chim

The Asaka Highball will be served at Long Chim Perth from 10th-24th February. Follow the @longchim Instagram account for more information about the drink and its story.

Workshopping Services and More at Bar Lafayette

Bar Lafayette

My activation inclusive of the drink being listed in-venue will be a targeted and promoted social media campaign in which I will be deconstructing each element of my cocktail with full transparency - processes and specs will be available for the whole community to view.

To toast “discovery” and creativity I’ll also be offering workshopping services to hospitality peers that desire it, focussing on overcoming creative hurdles. While cocktail centric for the purpose of TPB, this can extend to any process within a venue where said peer feels there’s room for improvement.

TOKI Highball's Across the Globe


This year for my promotional phase of The Perfect Blend I shall be travelling Japan for the majority of WBD, so will be promoting from overseas as well as from home base.

On my trip to Japan, I will be travelling through Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Niseko. I shall be taking advantage of Japan, as one of the leading countries for cocktail bartending and home to some of the most elite, experienced, and most highly regarded bartenders in the world. I shall be travelling through various world-class bars (Bar High Five, Bar Trench, Bar Benfiddich, Star Bar Ginza, to name a few) and interacting with the bar teams there. I will also be visiting the Yamasaki Distillery and sharing my experiences there.

To align with my cocktail, which is a Toki highball in its foundations, I shall be asking the bartenders at the various bars to create their take on Toki highball. As well as this, I plan to ask the bar teams about bar culture, Japanese highball culture, what its like to be a bartender in Japan through my various social platforms. I shall be sharing these experiences in Japan, and linking them to my cocktail back home.

When I get back from towards the end of the WBD period, I plan on holding a small event with a tasting of some Japan-exclusive Suntory products and tastings of my signature cocktail, Easy Times, at Tiny's Bar.

Cheese Pairing

Foxtrot Unicorn

The finalists at Foxtrot Unicorn are running a cheese pairing menu for all 3 of their drinks from 10th-24th February. There will also be custom coaster cards printed which explain the concept of the drink.