Behzad Vaziri

Flying Fish Bar at the Star



Ceramic Cup


Sumak and safron


50ml Basil Hayden

10ml Bols Dry Orange Curacao

20ml Samanu (corn & rye sprout reduction) syrup

30ml Lemon juice

15ml Egg white

4 dashes or 5 ml approximately walnutand russian olive bitters


Shaken and double strained


This cocktail is inspired by New Year festival of Nowruz in my home country of Iran where people have been celebrating beginning of Spring for over 3000 years. Growing up in Iran every spring families set a table in anticipation for New Year consisting of 7 dishes each representing positive aspects of life and creating sense of nostalgia wherever I come across to them. Some of these 7 ingredients have been used in my cocktail 'Nowruz' such as Sumac and Saffron as garnish to add floral notes, similar to what you would smell sitting at that table. I made a 'Samanu' a pastry-like syrup made of 72 hour reduction of corn and rye sprouts with added flour and walnuts, this is made every year in Iran in late March and shared with family, friends and neighbors. Russian Olives or natively named Senji is used with walnuts to accentuate the flavors. This Bourbon-based cocktail is designed to represent the Persian treats of Nowruz which should be shared with your friends, cheers or as Persians say it 'Noosh'!


World Bartender Day at Flying Fish

Flying Fish at The Star

In anticipation for World Bartender Day 2019 this February alongside the Lunar New Year celebrations, at the Star you can enjoy the cocktail Nowruz -inspired by Persian New Year. As you visit Flying Fish at the Star make sure to stop by at the bar and see Béhz who will mix you a Basil Hayden whisky sour served with Persian snacks and delicacies.