Benjamin Vials

The Smoking Panda

Brink fizz


Wine glass


Rosemary sprig, metal straw


50ml Maker's Mark

20ml Chocolate croissant infused white vermouth

10ml Orange peel oleo saccharum

20ml Lemon juice

30ml Soda

Approx. 90ml Orange and rosemary foam


Shake, double strain, top soda, top foam, garnish


Can we raise the dead? Not really, but we can sure as hell can keep an ingredient from expiring. The Brink Fizz was a cocktail designed to pull back ingredients, garnishes and food that my venue uses from the brink of expiry for a delicious result.

Any venue that serves fresh orange juice often finds themselves suffering at the hands of the vodka-orange economy. Prepare too much, and you're drowning in expired orange juice, not enough and you may well have ruined someone's 18th birthday. By reducing orange juice into a cordial alongside some slightly-dying rosemary garnishes, brown sugar and a splash of Maker's Mark, the result can be thickened and preserved with gelatin and any egg white that is on its last legs. The result, when passed through a cream whipper is delicious, the peppery zest of the rosemary covering up the bitter edge of near expiration orange juice.

The peels from the oranges pre-juicing produce an excellent oleo saccharum, which can mature throughout the life cycle of the orange juice, any orange peels or off cuts during service can be tossed straight into the bag with the rest of them.

Finally, I've got a cheeky little deal with the cage around the corner. Nab a croissant or two before close every Wednesday, when they would normally be tossing out their pastries and making more. Sometimes they don't have my favourite kind, so I have to work out what on earth I'm going to do with a slightly stale cinnamon cronut or choc croissant on its last legs, the result is a buttery, rich vermouth infusion.

All this, and Maker's Mark to bring the whole show together. The richness of the whiskey combines excellently with chocolate and butter from the croissant, and the spice in the aging orange and rosemary combines amazingly with the rye-free mash bill of the whiskey.

And if I'm honest, ingredients weren't the only thing recycled here. I've brought an idea back from the brink too, my blend drink last year just might've been a chocolate orange Maker's Mark drink too... "


World Bartender Day at THe Smoking Panda

The Smoking Panda

To celebrate World Bartender Day and the Brink Fizz: recycled ingredients aren't the only thing The Smoking Panda are bringing #backfromthebrink. We're launching a menu of all those cocktail classics that are a little bit past their prime. Blue lagoons, Sex on the beach, Grasshoppers and Toblerones. All those cliches you pretend you don't have a soft spot for while you choke down your deconstructed parmesan cheese infused negroni. We're doing them fresh, precisely and perfectly, so you hopefully won't feel too much shame before the third Harvey Wallbanger kicks in.