Charles Chang

Lotus Barangaroo





Matcha ice cream


30ml Yamazaki Distiller Reserve

15ml ROKU Gin

15ml rescued wine syrup

15ml Ruby port

100ml Adzuki bean water soda


1, Prepare a chilled highball glass.
2. Chill a cobbler shaker and discard the ice and water.
3. Put all ingredients in the cobbler shaker and one big ice cube and shake 10 times. (minimize the water dilution)
4. Double strain the mixture to the chilled highball glass with fresh ice.
5. Top with the Adzuki bean water soda and simply stir to mix it.
6. Garnish with a scoop of matcha ice cream.

*Rescued wine syrup: mix half oxidized white and red wine to make simple wine syrup, vacuumed with dry orange peel, vanilla bean and white sesame at 38 degrees for 24 hrs.
*Adzuki bean water soda: 250g of Adzuki bean and 1000g of water bring to boil and remove from the heat, let it steep for 1 hour and just get the clear bean water from the top. Put the red bean water to the soda siphon, charged with CO2 and chilled.


I am working in a restaurant which serves high-quality Japanese inspired food and a lot of wine drinkers, with a huge wine list, and a big amount of coffee served during the day. Unlimited oxidized wine and steamed milk have been thrown away day by day, so I asked the sommelier to keep the oxidized wine to make some spiced wine syrup, and keep the steamed milk for the pastry chef to re-produce a matcha ice cream.

For the Adzuki bean water, I collect the red bean stock before it is discarded. For making the Adzuki bean paste for dessert, leave it in the big jag to let it settle down, we just need to clarified bean water for Dezato.

The wine character of Yamazaki Distiller's reserve will be the link to the spiced wine syrup with the ruby port. I chose a small amount of Suntory Roku to add floral and citrus note to represent a twist of classic Japanese highball.

It's also a twist of classic dessert pairing of red bean and matcha. Dezato is the dessert in Japanese pronunciation.


World Bartender Day at Lotus

Lotus Dining Barangaroo

To celebrate World Bartender Day, the 'Zenzai' cocktail will be available at Lotus Barangaroo from 10th to 24th of Feb with the 'Sunshine and sea breeze'.

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