Conor Teevan

Breakout Bar

Ski Lodge Pancakes






45ml Canadian Club 1858

15ml Laphroaig 10 YO

22.5ml Maple Syrup

22.5ml Lemon Juice

1 drop peychaud's bitters

2 drops Vanilla essence


Smoked glass, shaken over Ice and double strained.


You wake up in your warm bed at that ski lodge you visited that one time. You smell breakfast wafting into your room enticing you to get up. It's cold out of bed but you grin and bear it because those pancakes smell so damn good! You're greeted by your friend, your family, your loved ones. You sit down with them and enjoy maple syrup drenched pancakes and everything is right with the world. But then you have to go back to reality, to your job, to your boss. Ski Lodge Pancakes takes you back to that time and away from those stresses. The smell of the fire you sit by, the taste of the pancakes you eat, the feeling of family you remember. Even if you haven't eaten pancakes at a ski lodge with your family, Ski Lodge Pancakes will make you believe it to be true.


Summer Moments

Breakout Bar

For World Bartenders Day, Breakout Bar will be saying farewell to summer. A celebration of all the good times spent in the sun these past months. We'll be running a Facebook competition asking people to share their favourite moment from this summer. The winner will receive prizes, including my 2019 Perfect Blend cocktail submission, Ski Lodge Pancakes. My cocktail reminds us of all the good times there are to be had in winter surrounded by dear friends. So as we say farewell to summer, we can imagine all the fun we'll get up to this winter.