David Bloom


Practice What You Peach




Dusted peach


40ml Yamazaki Distillers Reserve

30ml Clarified white peach juice

20ml Macadamia butter

3 dashes Saline




In 1923, Yamazaki distillery opened its doors and became Japans first commercial Whiskey distillery. Since then, the craftsmen have been working tirelessly to produce a product that is world renowned.

Their pursuit of perfection and attention to detail means they not only speak of producing great whiskeys, they practice what they preach.

By putting in the hard-work from the early days Yamazaki has seen their whisky revered as the cream of the crop.

While my life’s work hasn’t been as publicly recognised as Yamazaki’s, I’ve had to work hard to achieve everything I have, from spending late nights cleaning bars, to early mornings waking up and opening. It is the hardest and most challenging experiences that birth the greatest products. I’ve been lucky enough to rise from the ranks of the humble glassie to discovering a passion for cocktails and experimenting with flavours and tastes.

Practice What You Peach is a toast to the workers; to those who grind out the early mornings and late nights, fuelled by passion and the pursuit of excellence. It is a toast to the precision and polish of my co-workers, my colleagues and my mentors who every day inspire me to be not just a better bartender, but a better person.

Yamazaki serves as the base of my drink, a symbol of that hard work and perseverance. Added to this is a macadamia butter, made by blitzing milk, butter, macadamia and salt.

Balancing out the flavours is a peach juice that’s bursting with freshness and exciting on the palate. Finishing off the drink is a peach dust, made by dehydrating and powdering the remaining skin and pulp of the peach.

So, here’s a toast to hard work, for the rewards that lie at the end of hard work, and to Practicing what you peach.