Georgia Collins

The Baxter Inn

Ali’s Mark


Sling glass


Kaffir leaf with dehydrated gauva


50ml Maker’s Mark

10ml Swillhouse pineapple Amaro

35ml Guava, orris root and kaffir cordial

25ml Lemon juice

15ml Egg white

60ml Soda water


Add all ingredients, except soda water, to a shaker. dry shake, then wet shake with cubed ice. Double strain into sling glass. add soda and fizz. Place re-useable straw in glass and kaffir leaf garnish.


Ali's Mark is a toast to my favourite person, Alice. Time nor distance have had an effect on friendship, and she has left her mark on me for the better. A vibrant, effervescent and refreshingly wonderful person, Ali's Mark encompasses all of the best parts of Alice. Sweet and fruity yet balanced with a touch of floral. Tropical flavours of guava and kaffir combine with the floral and earthy orris root, complimenting the slight toasted nuttiness of the Maker's Mark whilst uplifting its light stone fruit flavours. Soda water lengthens, and egg white provides added texture to create a tropical, refreshing fizz, Ali's Mark.


Cocktail Delivery and More...

The Baxter Inn

From the 10th February until the 24th, my cocktail “Ali’s Mark” will be on a menu in addition to our current curated cocktail list. One of the main features of The Baxter Inn style of service is napkins placed down as soon as an order is taken, and so I have had white cocktail napkins printed which feature the hashtag #Alismark, to be placed when the cocktail is served.

During the period of the 10th to the 24th, I also will be undertaking a “cocktail delivery service”. Essentially, I will be dropping of a sample of the cocktail (minus perishable ingredients) with instructions on how to make the drink, to bars in the area.