Jane Zou

The Barber Shop

Maple state of mind




3 fresh pumpkin seeds


50ml Knob Creek 9YO

20ml Maple roasted pumpkin vermouth

20ml Lemon

15ml Apple and rhubarb syrup

5ml Apple and rhubarb discard shrub

10ml Egg white


Add ingredients into a shaker. Add ice. Shake and double strain. No need to dry shake. The foam from the egg white should be thin.


Everyone has that moment that sparks a recognition in themselves of who they are or could potentially be. “Maple State of Mind” is my embodiment of that moment. For a long-time I’ve been intrigued by the world of bartending. The intricate techniques that transform throat burning liquor into artful creations. At that stage, I was entering my final year of law school and about to start training with a law firm. In a way, my life was already set out. But in that moment of roaming through the snow dusted streets of Manhattan and parking myself on the barstool closest to the creator of the evening. It became clear that to subsume myself in the world of bartending, I simply must choose to. “It’s all about attitude,” echoes the words of the swarve gentleman who’d made my pumpkin old fashioned – themed for Thanksgiving. That was the moment I decided to take on the world of bartending.

Whenever I think back to that moment, my taste buds linger on the rich maple pancakes and the delightfully soft notes of silky pumpkin pie. Reminiscent of those flavours, “Maple State of Mind” features maple roasted pumpkin infused vermouth as a representation of my love for these classically American treats. The sweet maple and soft pumpkin notes complement the rich full bodied caramel of Knob Creek bourbon, graciously aged for 9 years.

Staying true to the Big Apple, I’ve taken the crisp juicy fruit and combined it with rhubarb. The natural bitterness of rhubarb adds depth and characteristic to the syrup. Upstate New York has a strong culture of anti-waste. Incorporating this aspect into my cocktail, I’ve translated the apple and rhubarb discards into a shrub. The sweet acidity of the shrub elevates the citrus notes of the fresh lemon juice, which balances nicely against the existing rich flavours of the cocktail.


Instagram Competition

The Barber Shop

The Barrelhouse Group's very own Jane Zou has reached the finals of the Perfect Blend competition by Beam Suntory.

To celebrate, from February 10th, The Barber Shop and The Duke of Clarence will be exclusively promoting her cocktail "Maple State of Mind".

To cheer her on to the finals, we are holding a special Instagram competition for the best post of her cocktail. The winner will receive an unforgettable whisky tasting experience from Beam Suntory's extensive portfolio of drams.

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