Kate Mcgraw

Panama House

Mash Up




Apple Gummy bear


50ml Maker's Mark

20ml Sour apple cordial

10ml Miso ‘caramel’ (made from caramelised apple pIth)

80ml Clarified apple juice

20ml Cucumber water

To fill glass with Cucumber ice cubes


Combine bourbon and miso ‘caramel’ in glass. Carbonate other ingredients. Add cucumber ice and top with carbonated soda.


What are the two most unsustainable ingredients behind every bar? Two of the ingredients that we use the most - limes and water.

Thinking about this, I wanted to see if I could spin a classic cocktail - in this case the Bourbon Rickey - without utilising either ingredient. What’s a tart ingredient that isn’t pineapple? Apple. Boom, whiskey and apple meets a Rickey. We take the tartness of in season apples and their high malic acid content to substitute for fresh lime, while a miso caramel made from apple offcuts provides the texture that a freshly muddled lime provides. Carbonating a juice that has been lightly salted plays the part of soda water, whilst the dilution comes from big ice cubes and cucumber water - a leftover from garnishing hundreds of other-brand-name and tonics. Most importantly, this take on a Rickey highlights the best bits of Makers Mark - its gentle fruit notes and caramelised vanilla.

Bring the mash up back?


Waste Exchange


For World Bartender Day, we'll be kicking off on the 23rd with a waste exchange - for every 1kg of viable food waste people donate we will give them a drink token. That's right, one liberal libation for every kilo of wilted lettuce or sad banana.

On the 24th itself we will be serving up a couple of sustainable tipples using all the donated produce as well as featuring my cocktail entry for the Perfect Blend.