Natasha Capol


In Swindian Fashion


Nick & Nora


Dehydrated orange wheel with 3 mango pearls


45ml Knob Creek 9YO

20ml antica formula (curry fat infusion)

5ml Laphroaig 10YO

5ml Bols Apricot Brandy Liqueur


Stirred down over ice - 30 rotations - single strained into a Nick & Nora glass


In Swindian Fashion" resonates from the background of two lovers from two different walks of life, who found each other in a place that they did not call their own. They bumped into each other several times, catching each other's eye continuously, but both their stubborn and proud natures refused to succumb to what would eventually be a little thing called fate. The day came when “Cupid struck its arrow” when they were formally introduced, they fell in love, and the rest is history.

Hello, my name is Tasha Capol. I am the creation of the two lovers mentioned above, who met in a distant country that was not their own. They, however, made it their own and called it home, and so I grew up there.

The ingredients of my cocktail are basically a narration of how two different people from two different races came to bring up two girls in an extraordinary part of the world. Most of our childhood upbringing was in Malaysia, with an Indian upbringing, and some chapters, in Switzerland, with a Swiss upbringing - hence the "Swindian" reference - I dare say that there are not many of us around... that's for sure.

The curry-fat infused Antica Formula reminds me of the delicious curries and chapatis that were a staple for breakfast growing up and the Knob Creek 9YO stirs up the nostalgic memory of the bourbons on the rocks that my Indian uncles used to consume for breakfast!!

Laphroaig, reminds me of my brief history in the realm of the whisky world, malting barley for a few months, and then selling them with Independent bottlers.

And finally, Apricot Brandy - a humble addition that weaves itself through my roots in my Swiss family. A farm where fresh apricots, orchard fruits were grown and chickens left to roam around freely. The hay, the fruit, the bourbon, the curry... my Swindian-fashioned upbringing, makes me who I am today... and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.


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