Ngametua Fatongiatau




Highball Glass


Flower Garnish


45ml ROKU Gin

20ml Kawakawa infused lillet

40ml Strawberry & kiwi shrub

20ml Goji berry & lemongrass puree

5ml Yuzu juice

15ml Free range egg white




"Kazoku", Japanese for Family.

This drink was crafted with family in mind.

A TOAST TO... family both near and far. To ones that are born through trials and tribulations. To the ones that are born through the merry times. To the ones that I hold dear. This drink is for you. A drink to celebrate days of past and of days to come.

ROKU Gin has Six unique Japanese Botanical, I selected this product because I have six siblings and the ingredients I chose were to highlight their individual personalities.

ROKU Gin - Represents my older Sister Noa. she is the foundation for us siblings (and the drink) well balanced and thoughtful (well crafted).

Kawakawa infused Lillet - Represents my older brother Tino, he is the Yin to Noa's Yang being a support to us all. the infused Lillet accentuates the floral notes in the ROKU Gin.

Strawberry & Kiwi Shrub - Represents my Sister Melle & brother Tu'amelie. Two amazing products prized in Japanese Culture, great as individuals but form a formidable profile when combined together. The shrub helps give the drink complexity whilst adding some sweetness and pleasant scent on the nose.

Goji Berry & Lemongrass Puree - this one Represents the youngest Brother Sam - he is complex in nature and so too is this puree. it has elements of Kawakawa, Green Tea, Cranberry, Rosella (hibiscus flower). this further highlights the floral notes in the gin whilst adding body to the drink.

Yuzu Juice - Represents Me (Ngametua) the one sibling who is there to lift everyone up just like the Yuzu in this drink. this gives a great floral yuzu note on the nose and pallet and as the drink dilutes down it brings all the other siblings to the forefront.

Free Range Egg Whites - this represents our parents. the main constant in our lives holding us all together just like in the drink. The Egg White plays an integral part in this drink allowing each element to shine in its own right, like any parent would for their children.

I hold my family dear to my heart as we all should, we are by no means perfect as individuals but as a family we are THE PERFECT BLEND.


Secret Garden


In keeping with our Mediterranean vibe, Corretto will be transforming their terrace into a small garden of tranquillity, where one can feel like they woke up on the Santorini Coast, or they are enjoying a summer afternoon at one of many Botanical Gardens in Japan.

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