Orion Leppan Taylor

Breakout Bar

Cat’s in the Cradle




Deyhdrated Lemon Wheel & Berry Dust


60ml Jim Beam Rye

22ml Lemon myrtle & lemon husk acidified stock

15ml Lapsang souchong Demerara Syrup

4 drops 20% Saline solution

10 drops Wonderfoam cocktail foamer




The Cat's in the Cradle is a toast to one's parents. Drinking with your folks is a special occasion that marks a turning point in your relationship, it shows that they see you as mature enough to make your own decisions and be responsible with how you enjoy yourself. This drink is a re-imagined New York Sour, a cocktail that combines my Dad's love of whisky, my Mum's love of red wine, and my approach to bartending, looking to always innovate and improve while also looking to the past for inspiration.

Jim Beam Rye is the perfect hero spirit, both because of Rye's place as a traditional base spirit for early 20th century cocktails, and because the Jim Beam brand has so much to do with lineage, generation, and parentage. You can imagine each of the distillers being handed the reigns from their father, before in turn handing it to their son, remembering how they felt at the time.

The acidified stock takes the place of lemon juice, incorporating lemon myrtle & lemon husks for a complex & rounded lemon flavour. The technique of using citric, malic & tartaric acid in various ratios to create an acidic alternative to the standard lemon and lime has given bartenders the ability to explore and experiment with new flavours, such as native Australian botanicals.

The Lapsang Souchong Syrup fills two important roles in the cocktail. It imparts a subtle smokiness which pairs beautifully with the rich sweetness of the berry dust garnish and imparts the tannins necessary to fill to role of red wine which is now absent from the drink.

A touch of saline smooths and rounds out the drink and adds to a velvety mouthfeel, while Wonderfoam provides way to create the iconic sour foam that doesn’t dilute the flavours of the drink, while also being vegan and allergy friendly.

The garnish completes the drink in two ways. The dusted berry powder fills in for the juicy fruit notes normally found in the wine float, while the presentation symbolizes the old and the new, lineage and family. This drink is about the relationship between the old and the new, the past and the present, and how a healthy mutual respect between the two can create something beautiful.


Family Night Out!

Breakout Bar

In keeping with the theme of the cocktail as a toast to one’s parents, Orion is hosting a Family Night Out! Every group that books an Escape or Karaoke room at Breakout Bar on the 20th of Feb and brings along their parents will receive a complimentary serve of ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’.