Orion Leppan Taylor

Breakout Bar

First Kiss


Turkish Tea Glass


Single Rosebud perched atop the cream.


60ml Sipsmith London Dry

3 Large Strawberries

10cm stick chopped Rhubarb

The peel of 1 medium lemon

1 dash of spice mix Pimento/CAYENNE Spice mix

To top Rosehip Cream


Muddle Strawberries, RHUBARB, Lemon Peel and spice mix in a Turkish Coffee Pot or Hot INFUSION siphon. Add Gin mix, bring to a high simmer and let simmer until a dark pink hue is achieved. Fine strain into glass. Top with Rosehip Cream from a professional nitrous charged whipper. Garnish.


I'd be willing to bet that few moments are as remembered as one's first kiss. The anticipation, the trepidation, the excitement, nervousness leading into jubilation.

This cocktail aims to capture that moment. Sipsmith Gin is an obvious choice to lead with, it's characteristic zest and marmalade warmth capturing the exuberance and warmth of young love perfectly. Infusing it with strawberries, rhubarb and lemon zest give it a romantic pink hue and a delightful and complex sweetness. Cayenne and pimento add a touch of spice, because love should be spicy, and leave you a little breathless. Topping it with a rosehip cream finishes the drink and adds a floral sweetness to compliment the fruit notes. To truly experience first love again however, this drink must be consumed. As you bring it to your lips, you're greeted with an inviting floral aroma. The cold cream may make you shiver a little at first, as you tilt the glass back, the anticipation building. Until, all of a sudden, the warm mixture bursts through, greeting you with sweet warmth, zest and spice, leaving you fulfilled and richer for the experience.

If that's not a first kiss, I don't know what is.


Summer Moments

Breakout Bar

For World Bartender Day, Breakout Bar will be saying farewell to summer. A celebration of all the good times spent in the sun these past months. We'll be running a Facebook competition asking people to share their favourite moment from this summer. The winner will receive prizes. So as we say farewell to summer, we can imagine all the fun we'll get up to this winter.