Saravanan Subramaniam

Door Knock

Little India


Copper Pot


On a board with Orchid flowers and cardamom pods


45ml Sipsmith London Dry

15ml Bols Pomegranate

30ml Mango Lassi (3 Fresh mangoes, 400g Yogurt, 100g ice, 6 cadamom pods and blend)

15ml Tumeric Simple syrup

20ml Lemon juice

15ml Sugar syrup




This cocktail leads back to the moment in time I spent my last night in Singapore before travelling out to Tasmania for my studies about 9 years ago. It is also the cocktail which connects me back to home, family and the local cuisine which I dearly miss.

The cocktail is called “Little India” and the chosen ingredients for this cocktail are based on what I experienced and remember having on the streets of Little India (district in Singapore, known as the hub for spices and local indian cuisine). 

As a kid, I have always enjoyed a Mango Lassi, a traditional drink made with fresh mangoes, cardamom and yogurt. Quite a refreshing drink considering it helps with the humidity in Singapore. It was the first drink I remember sipping on while walking through the streets. 

Turmeric comes about from my mother’s constant reminder on having turmeric water in the morning when I am struggling with sickness or hangovers as it has antioxidant properties.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin is my chosen hero for the Perfect Blend due to spicy juniper notes, lemon tartness and orange marmalade flavours, it pairs perfectly well with the flavour of mango and the cardamom further compliments the lingering spice notes of the gin. Adding a touch of BOLS pomegranate liqueur, it works to balance and round off the whole cocktail.

The vessel chosen is a traditional copper cup used by South Indians for health benefits. I wanted to relate the copper vessel with the way Sipsmith is made using a traditional copper pot creating a phonemail gin known too many.

Presenting “Little India”, it's the cocktail I wish customers could experience the moment I was having while sitting on the rustic streets of Little India and why this cocktail makes me nostalgic remembering the place I call home.