Storm Evans

The Baxter Inn

Togekyo (Peach Paradise)


Copper Cobbler Tin


Black Sesame Dust & Mint Sprig


45ml Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve

15ml White Pineapple Amaro

10ml Mint Infused Carpano Bianco

30ml Scorched peach nectar

20ml Lemon juice


Whip Shake/strain


This drink champions the uniquely human trait of celebrating significant occasions through ceremony. Ceremony is extremely important to cultures all around the world, Togekyo exhibits the importance of ceremony in the region surrounding the Hakushu Distillery (Yamanashi Prefecture). Each year two major ceremonies are used to celebrate the change of season, The Peach Blossom Festival and the Yoshida Fire Festival. The Peach blossom Festival celebrates the coming of spring, the whole prefecture is enveloped with beautiful lilac coloured blossoms and gorgeous peaches begin to fruit. The Yoshida Fire Festival celebrates the coming of autumn, and the end of the Mt. Fuji climbing season. In this ceremony two portable shrines are carried across the city to their resting place while 70+ 3-metre-tall torches are lit alongside the torches in each household. The whole city is lit up with gorgeous firelight. These ceremonies are imperative to the rich culture of the Yamanashi Prefecture and more so, important to the heart of Hakushu Whisky.


World Bartender Day at The Baxter Inn

The Baxter Inn

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