Vincent Vallière


A Fisherman's Tale


Hand crafted bamboo glass


Rice and seaweed cracker, tuna sashimi, fish eggs, wasabi dust and chervil herb


50ml Hakushu Distillers Reserve

15ml houraisen junmai sake

30ml clarified cantaloupe juice


2 big bar spoons of homemade kumquat and honey marmalade cooked with curacao

3 dashes dale de groff bitter


Shake and strain


Hi people,

It's a great pleasure to take part in this years' perfect blend adventure. I thought a lot about this cocktail, and I hope you will like my story. The drink is 100% sustainable, made with fresh organic products, and served in a biodegradable, hand-crafted bamboo glass. No waste, good taste...

Once upon a time in Japan,

An old man lived with his family in a fisherman village. Every morning he woke up and went out fishing in the sea. He had to catch some tuna to bring some food back home. His boat was made from bamboo that he would collect from the forest next to the village. It was a really remote place, no cities or shops. Sustainability wasn't a trend, it was a lifestyle, a must. People had to be self sufficient then. That's why he was going fishing himself. He could stay out for months , but he would always bring a bottle of Hakushu Whisky to keep him warm.

His wife, meanwhile, stayed at home. She had to do a lot of tasks, she was a strong woman. She picked up rice in the fields, and cultivated all sorts of amazing fruits. In her garden, she had some very juicy cantaloupes, rockmelon and delicious kumquat (fruits that are famously found in Japan). She would cook a lot of things. With the rice fermentation, she would get Sake, and with the kumquats she would make a marmalade.

Some day the old man came back home, and when he saw all the products his wife made, he decided to mix everthing with his whisky, so there would be no waste at all at home. They didn't have much money, so they couldn't afford real glassware, but the old man was smart and after cutting the bamboo he was using for his boat, he could make a ""glass"" and so he put the cocktail in it.

Both the old man and his wife were celebrating his return with Hakushu and sake cocktails, eating rice crackers and tuna.

A fisherman's Tale...


In-House Sashimi Promotion


From the 11th of February leading to World Bartender Day on the 24th, you'll be able to taste my cocktail and hear the story behind the creation of "A Fisherman's Tale" at Pelicano Bar in Double Bay.

More than just a drink, it's a whole experience about sustainability and traditional Japanese culture. Served in an original Bamboo glass, this Hakushu Whisky Cocktail is paired with a selection of sashimi for $20 between 6pm and 9pm.