Al Simmons

Hot Tamale

Tom and Huck


Short stemmed coupette


Miniature Fishing pole tied to glass with huckleberry on hook


45ml Basil Hayden's

30ml Homemade Huckleberry sweet vermouth

20 ml Pureed Sundried tomato syrup

10ml Yellow Chartreuse

15ml Fresh lemon juice




This simple and charming cocktail was inspired by my memories of my childhood with friends and family, the moment of time that shaped who I would become. The moment of my life when it was simple. This drink is about memories of a life when I didn't have a care in the world. Picking wild huckleberries and honeysuckles with my little brothers and my grandparents in the honey golden fields of small town southern US. Running off with my best friend into the country, to build a fort in the dense green forrests on the outskirts of town. A first kiss with the girl I liked, and carving her name in a tree. Running away and building a raft that didn't float but didn't sink either, and returning home in the evening soaking wet but for my hair, dried flat from a chilly bikeride across town and into a warm home and hot supper with a full family around the table. Catching fireflies in a jar to rest on my bedstand at night to keep away bad dreams. A simple Tom Sawyer life. Back before cellphones and facebook, before bills and responsibilities, before heartbreak and jading.

The moment when I was still innocent. This cocktail is for that all too brief moment of life that we never knew to appreciate until, the moment was over.
Cheers to the kids we used to be and thw simple charming moment of our life.

American Southern BBQ Picnic and Hospo Party

Hot Tamale

This year to celebrate World Bartender Day and Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Small Batch Bourbon I’ll be throwing a good’ol fashioned American Southern BBQ Picnic and Hospo Party, sharing some of my culture and family’s secret recipes with my fellow Darwinians. Buttermilk Biscuits with real Carolina Huckleberry Jam, Pulled Pork Cheerwine BBQ and Ribs, Hush Puppies, Grilled Corn, Cajun Slaw, Sweet Tea / Jim Beam cocktails out of Mason Jars and much much more, all spread with the help of fellow American Masterchef, Jeramiah Heater. I’ll be taking the opportunity to share my Perfect Blend Signature Cocktail with my guests and talk about the history of Basil Hayden’s and its influence in the history of bourbon production in America. There will also be Beer Pong.