Al Simmons Jr.

Snapper Rocks

Jacob’s Old Time Sarsaparilla




Licorice root chew stick tied to glass


30ml Jim Beam Rye

15ml Jim Beam Rye based Sarsaparilla tincture

100ml Root Ferment of Sarsaparilla, burdock, Licorice, dandelion, ginger, vanilla and cocoa

3 dash or 5ml Homemade smoked pecan bitters

30ml Malted ale muscovado syrup

150ml Local cold filtered sparkling water


Stirred down or served batched in bottles


A toast to the roots. The ones that ground us, no matter where we’ve ended up. To the roots of whiskey. The grains, corn, barley, rye, and the water that make up the beer for distilling. The roots that grow the mighty American Oak that build the barrels for aging it gently. And the roots of the Beam family tree, who have passed the art and secrets of distilling down from generation to generation from Jacob to Fred Noe.

In my cocktail, I’ve gone back to my roots for a traditional style colonial beverage with my own twist. Notes of vanilla, caramel, sarsaparilla, and malted molasses play symphony to the spicy brass of Jim Beam Rye in a pre-prohibition-style drink with the world’s best pre-prohibition-style rye. More than just your dad’s hard root beer, this drink quenches as it makes your mouth water for another sip.

Using a ginger bug starter for a Noma style fermentation of a choice selection of old-fashioned dried roots- carefully fermented with cane sugar and lactose for a soft silky texture and a rich creamy white head. Next, I’ve partnered with the boys from our local brewery and used their beer for a perfectly sweetened Malted Ale Syrup using Muscovado sugar for flavours of rich molasses and serving it sustainably in their recycled bottles using waterproof labels for easy cleaning and reuse.

Easy to serve, perfectly replicable, sustainable, and damn delicious. I give you “Jacob’s Old Time.” A cocktail that Jacob Beam himself would have been proud to knock back on a cold fall night or a warm summer day.

Next time you come in and sit down at my bar, tell your bartender, “I’ll have a Sarsaparilla.” You’ll be glad you did.

Jim Beam Tasting

Snapper Rocks

Al will be hosting a tasting at Snapper Rocks on a selection of the Jim Beam Line and going over the History of the Jim Beam family and the roots of Bourbon and its evolution as the trade has been passed down from generation to generation. He will be speaking in detail about each of the different expressions of Jim Beam and what makes each unique. Friends, colleagues, and industry professionals have all been invited to attend as well as being open to general public. Event will be held on World Bartender Day, 24th February.