Alex Johnston


Ōfuku Suru


Nick and Nora


Strawberry Gum Enfleurage


50ml ROKU Gin

30ml Local honey roasted paw paw ferment

20ml Fresh grapefruit juice

10ml Barrel aged rosella and saltbush ‘territory’ amaro

2 Small lemon peels

2 sprays Strawberry gum enfleurage


Add all liquid ingredients into a shaker and express 2 lemon zests over a match and then into the tin. Shake well over large cubed ice and double strain into a frozen Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with 2 sprays of strawberry gum from a high angle over glass.


Ōfuku Suru translates from Japanese to English as the verb to reciprocate and with our theme in mind, I've used this and ROKU Gin's shared approach as my inspiration.

Toasts, regardless of if they are in happy times like a wedding or birthday or a more somber funeral, intended to give back to the person they are being made for. They are a positive cheers to a life or love or simply good will given from one to another. They are a celebration.

In typical Japanese culture, ROKU take this approach in its distillation. It takes 6 main, local ingredients and shows them the utmost respect, almost giving back for what they have given them. They pick these ingredients only when in perfect season and then extract flavours in a unique way for each ingredient to get the maximum flavour out of each. These 6 key flavours are then supported by 8 more traditional gin ingredients, similarly shown the same respect or reciprocation.

The locally grown paw paw and honey add a smooth, fruity sweet touch to delicate citrus elements of the ROKU, being rounded off with the added local grapefruit and lemon peel. The Robin to The ROKU's Batman, or supporting act, in this toast is the Rosella & Saltbush 'Territory' Amaro. This comprises of a fruity rosella wine and saltbush smoked barrel, helped along by the addition of the 8 indigenous ingredients and made into a bittersweet amaro.

The finish of the strawberry gum enfleurage is 2-fold. It first of all shows the marriage of the approaches ROKU use in its distillation through my use of the history of perfumes, it is firstly and more anciently, left for a week in local rapeseed oil to infuse the aroma then mixed with a more modern ROKU gin infusion. It’s second purpose is that it creates an almost watery oil that when specifically sprayed over my Ōfuku Suru from a height mixes with thin creamy foam layer on the top of the drink to look just like a wet season rain.

It's this use of almost locally famous and very familiar ingredients (to us at least) mixed with the approach of reciprocation of ROKU that inspired me, whether it be a funeral, wedding or just a mate's birthday in your garden, we can show our Ōfuku Suru.

To the Territory! - Kampei

Jam Night


Alex Johnston will be hosting an evening giving a toast to his local hospitality industry.

Smoke and Oak will be hosting the first of many Jam Nights of 2020, with an extra special addition, as it will be them giving back to the hospo community; drink specials till 2am, late night food menu for knock offs and an open mic for anyone wanting to relieve some of the stress of their day.