Joey Folkersma


The Dawn






45ml Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve

90ml Homemade green apple wine

15ml Celery and mint syrup

2 sprays Petrichor spray




Sometimes we have to take a step back in our busy lives, and look after ourselves. For me that means going out for long walks in the early morning. The air is clean, the water is crisp, and moisture is still falling off the trees. The morning dawn is my happy place. Petrichor fills your nose, the air feels cold and fresh on your skin. It is quiet around you. Well needed sound of silence in a hectic and busy hospitality lifestyle.

If you look up a picture of the Hakushu distillery, that is the environment I am talking about. And that is what inspired this drink. The luscious greenery, you can smell the rain. It is like jumping into a cold-water pool on a hot summer day, the weight of a long day at work falls off your shoulders. And that is what this cocktail is about. That feeling of freshness. The same freshness you can find in a dram of Hakushu Distillers Select with it’s yuzu notes and the lemon thyme contributing to it’s fresh finish.

The green apple wine plays on these fresh and fruity notes with tartaric acid, enhancing the freshness of the Hakushu. The celery and mint infused syrup adds a layer of flavour to this ensemble. Whilst petrichor fills your nose, this drink takes you to this luscious green environment of the Hakushu distillery during the morning dawn, resetting your state of mind. Here is a toast, to your mental health.

A Toast to Japanese Spirits


For the whole month of February, Chow! will have a toast to the Japanese sprits, promoting; Haku/Roku/Kakubin throughout the hole month, by having them as a tasting flight, and in cocktails.