Laura Aikin




Cut Glass Tumbler


Half hibiscus rim and lemon peel


30ml ROKU Gin

30ml Native milk punch

120ml Kakadu plum whey soda


Stir all ingredients down and top up with soda.


A toast to Darwin.

Darwin is the hospitality central of many communities up here.

Everyone is welcoming and always wanting to know our story, and loving the culture and the relaxing and respectful lifestyle we have here, as well as the amazing flavours that we have here in the Northern territory to offer.

Here in the Northern Territory we have so much amazing things to offer, such as our amazing animals; crocodiles, barramundi, wild buffalo and more. We have some of the best swimming holes, tonnes of history in the national parks and history within the city. We have some of the best sunsets and seasons to offer, from the downpours, and amazing lightning shows in the wet to our cool dry season dragonflies. The most amazing thing about the territory has to offer is the people; from those of us who have chosen to live here either for work, born and bred up here or in my case came up for a holiday and fell in love with the territory and moved on up. It’s those of us who sweat through the hot and humid wet season days to the relief of the rains when they come in, those of us who welcome all tourists especially in the dry. It’s amazing how everyone wants to know your story. And the best company is served with amazing food and beverages that we have to offer in the Territory.

In many ways, the ROKU Gin expresses the culture and the amazing flavours that Japan has to offer as their culture shows respect to the people and to the land. For my cocktail, I am using our best and finest ingredients that are still getting discovered worldwide. I decided to do a clarified milk punch as this way I was able to macerate and show off the Australian native ingredients by having a calming clarification. This is added to the ROKU Gin that has so many beautiful botanicals, nothing else needed to be added and is complemented with the clarified milk punch. And top up with a Kakadu plum and soda to bring two beautiful citrus flavours and a creamy mouthfeel making you want more each sip.

Clarified Milk Punch using these ingredients: Wattle seed infused milk, Spiced native tea – Pepper berry, Wild rosella and local green tea.

Cocktail Masterclass


Laura will be holding a master class on the 18th breaking down her cocktail and the ingredients in it. She has also started an Instagram page called ‘Hito_Cocktail_bylauraaikin’ where she will be doing photos and interviews of people in the territory who have inspired herself and the cocktail, along with promoting the local ingredients within her cocktail.