Pouya Khoshtarash

Skycity Darwin



Old Fashioned


Mint spring and ginger candy on stick


60ml Canadian Club 8 Years Old

10ml Dom Benedictine

10ml Beetroot shrub

15ml Homemade ginger syrup

15ml Fresh lime juice


Shake and strain


The story behind this cocktail is sad but to me is lovely sad. This cocktail is created and named in memory of Ashleigh, a beloved son of a Victorian family who has lost his life in Darwin recently.

Few weeks ago, when I was behind the bar my mind was wondering around the cocktail I wanted to create for The Perfect Blend Cocktail Competition... a middle age couple came to my bar and asked for a refreshing cocktail.

I created my cocktail for them to try, which was made with Canadian Club 8 Year Old. While they were sipping on their cocktails, I asked why there were visiting Darwin to which they explained they are from Victoria, attending their young son’s funeral who has passed away recently.

They really enjoyed the cocktail and asked what the cocktail’s name was. I replied 'I have just created this cocktail has no name yet but...... I would name it Southern-Leigh in memory of your son'. I will never forget their tears in eyes when they heard the cocktail name. A hommage to a tasty liquid and wonderful son.