Alex Vowles

Hawthorn Lounge

Long White Cloud




Kawakawa Milk Cloud


30ml Ardmore Legacy

20ml Connemara

25ml Lacto-fermented golden grapefruit

15ml Purple kumara orgeat

45ml Korengo soda


Shake and strain, top with soda


Aotearoa. The land of the long white cloud. A toast to our rich cultural heritage, diverse landscape, and countless native ingredients.

My drink, "Long White Cloud" is a toast to this beautiful country and everything that makes it so. From the seas to the skies, and the earth to our people, each ingredient in my cocktail is inspired by our island nation and is built around my hero spirit, Ardmore Legacy.

Ardmore Legacy is the perfect whisky for my cocktail due to its unique light peaty notes. It is also a tip of the hat to the vast amount of people of Scottish heritage throughout our southern isle.

Secondly to Ardmore Legacy, I've chosen to use the softer Connemara to add some fresh and almost green peated notes to the drink. These two whiskies play off of each other incredibly well while still highlighting Ardmore's signature flavour profile.

Supporting the whisky and giving our cocktail a sour note are lacto-fermented golden grapefruits. A grapefruit variety only grown in New Zealand's north, the lacto-fermentation process preserves this very seasonal fruit while adding a lactic acid tartness and salted notes that pair with the savoury peat of the Ardmore Legacy.

To sweeten our drink, I have opted for a Purple Kumara Orgeat. Long cultivated and consumed by the Maori, the purple kumara is a root vegetable known for its anti-carcinogenic properties as well as its delicious flavour. The earthiness of the kumara plays off of the similar earthy notes in both whiskies while adding a nutty depth to our drink.

Our final ingredient is a Korengo soda. This native seaweed, similar to kelp, is crucial in local cuisine and lends an umami sea-like punch to our drink while adding effervescence. The umami notes in the soda pair very well with both the Ardmore and Connemara while accentuating both the golden grapefruit and the purple potatoes used.

Finally, 'Long White Cloud' is garnished with just that, a long white cloud. I have created a milk cloud flavoured with Kawakawa, an important local botanical to literally cap off my drink. This drink truly is my toast to New Zealand, its diversity, its native flora, its people, and above all, its beauty.

Wildlife Fundraiser Party

Hawthorn Lounge

Long White Cloud will be featured in a special bookmark menu at Hawthorn Lounge alongside 2 other cocktails, each made by other finalists in the competition, Mackenzie Edwards and Federico Casadei who also work at Hawthorn Lounge.

The three Hawthorn Lounge finalists will be throwing a large party at their venue to promote all three of their drinks. The party itself will be on Sunday the 23rd of February and be mostly aimed at mostly hospitality staff. Featuring all three of their drinks all night, they will donate $1 to charity for each one sold on the evening. Further to this, all three of the drinks in their own way celebrate nature, foraging or New Zealand native ingredients so to tie this into the party, the chosen charities will be ones that directly aid the rescue, rehabilitation and perpetuation of native plant and animal species. Furthermore, on the night there will be a tattoo artist in the venue to do tattoos of native birds with all proceeds going towards the same two charities. In addition to all of that, there will be a DJ playing and the venue will be open late.