Andrea Marseglia

Madame George





Mandarin and hemp crisp, soft pine


45ml ROKU Gin

15ml Strawberry and pine liqueur

20ml Fake Yuzu juice

7.5ml Hemp seed orgeat

30ml Mead


Shaken and top


A toast to the biggest challenge of my life: Everest base camp.

With this drink, I will introduce you to a little bit of the ecosystem, landscape and perfumes of this amazing adventure.

My journey on the Everest trek started when I arrived in Lukla - one of the most dangerous airports in the world. From here we started our journey. Walking in the Himalayas is magical. At the beginning we only around 2000 metres high, so we have around us a very thick, humid forest, mainly pines and moss. While you hike the trail, you can see strawberries being chewed by the donkeys, (this is their only source of sugar while they carry 100+kg). You can see hidden marijuana plants, which is considered completely normal in Nepal. For this reason, I made a hemp seed orgeat and a strawberry pine liqueur.

The further you go up, the more the landscape changes. From 3500 to 5500 metres you see a massive shift in vegetation; the landscape is covered in shrub-like plants, valleys of juniper bushels, there are no tall trees to be seen! This was also why I chose to use gin, specifically ROKU, for its yuzu notes, Sancho peppers & blossom finish. It embodies perfectly the ‘Himalayas in one sip’.

ROKU also perfectly connects with the two foods that gave us the power to go through such a tough adventure: mandarin and honey.

Mandarin has a very distinct smell similar yuzu. In this case I made a ‘fake yuzu juice’ by clarifying and acidulating the mandarin juice. Nepalese honey has a very yeasty funky taste because bees go to different plants and beehives at high altitude which get affected by different strains of yeast making it super unique.

My aim is to recreate that funky taste with our last ingredient; mead.

The garnish is all the leftovers from the mandarin and hemp, made in to a crisp, with soft baby pine cone and baby leaf in syrup.