Caellan Sparkes


Kentucky herbal




Thai basil


50ml Maker's Mark

5ml Chartreuse

20ml rose

3 drops of Shiraz

10ml Thai basil and kafir lime leaf infused sugar syrup

15ml Lemon oleo saccharum


Stirred down


This cocktail takes me back to when I first discovered my love for whisky and cocktails.

I was a young 18 year old looking for my first opportunity to work in what I consider to be my first proper bartending role. I was handing my cv around everywhere trying to find someone to take me on to teach me the craft. Eventually I got a call back from a whisky bar not too far from where I lived. I went in for a trial and I was honest. I told my bar manager all I knew about whisky was bourbon and Coke. I had never tried whisky neat before and I had little to no knowledge about cocktails. He said he would teach me if I was willing to learn. I got the job and after my first shift I sat down for a staff drink. He asked me what I would like to drink (he was going to make me a cocktail). I told him I have no idea, but I know I like bourbon. So, he made me a whisky sour. This cocktail takes me back to when I first tasted that whisky sour when my eyes lit up and my taste buds were flying everywhere in excitement. I learnt a lot of what I know today in that bar and a whisky sour is where my love for cocktails and whisky started and for that I am so grateful. That is where this drink takes me every time I take a sip. Back to where it all began.

World Bartender Day at Xoong


At Xoong we will have a cocktail flyer explaining a bit about the cocktail with the World Bartender Day logos on it also for all our bar tables.