Corbin Parker

ABV Wellington

Irrelevant Seasons


Nick and Nora


Caramelised apple slice and grated cinnamon


45ml Maker’s Mark

15ml Auchentoshan Three Wood

20ml Hydrocolloid force emulsified spiced brown butter syrup

30ml Clarified cold pressed jazz apple and lemon Juice

30ml Aquafaba/chickpea brine


Dry shake and wet shake


I wanted to create a drink to celebrate the acceptance of my 3 year work visa making my new official home right here in Wellington, New Zealand.

Coming from Texas, I am accustomed to the typical western Christmas where we drink hot toddies, hot buttered whiskeys, egg nog with bourbon and eat far too much apple pie. My move to the Southern Hemisphere has changed my desire for warm Christmas drinks to that of a chilled concoction. I’ve utilised xanthum gum and lecithin granules to create a cold spiced butter syrup that is forced imulsufied and stablilised so that it doesn’t separate when chilled. It’s a browned butter recipe spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and brown sugar. These flavours pair perfectly with Maker's Mark bourbon and allows us to drink ”Irrelevant Seasons” in the beautiful New Zealand warmth while not ignoring the traditional flavours of Christmas that we all love so dearly. I also use aquafaba, which would normally be discarded by the kitchen, to reduce wastage in the venue as well as provide for a delicate mouthfeel that also bridges the flavour gap from the hydrocolloid butter syrup and the pressed juices.

I present to you, “Irrelevant Seasons”. I’d like to give a toast to my new home, right here in Wellington, NZ. Kia Ora!

WWF Donations

ABV Wellington

For every serve of ‘Irrelevant Seasons’ sold, ABV Wellington will make a donation of $1 to send to the World Wide Fund (WWF). The WWF is a part of the world's largest organization dedicated to protecting nature and looking after the planet. The majority of donations are put towards conservation in NZ (such as preserving the last 57-75 Maui dolphins), Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.