Daniel Sullivan

The Bramble

One Point Twenty-One Gigawatts




Wakame seaweed & foraged lemon blossom tincture


60ml Jim Beam Rye

2.5ml Laphroaig 10 Year Old

30ml Cricket flour in citric & lactic acid solution

30ml Aquafaba Aquafaba

45ml Waimea Gold Sorghum Syrup

60ml Soda


Shake & strain


A toast to the future. As mankind demands more from the planet, customers will have to adapt their consumption habits. This will not only change what we eat and drink, but how we do that.

‘One Point Twenty-One Gigawatts’ originates from the classic Ramos Gin Fizz - but vigorously adapted to address the water restrictions and ecological demands our generation will have to tackle. Not only do ingredients such as dairy, citrus and eggs have large water demands, but the ethical considerations related to their intensive farming practices are now being addressed.

The eggs, one of the proteins required to give this classic cocktail body and texture, has been exchanged with cricket flour - undoubtedly an ingredient that will start appearing on our menus, being in plentiful supply and low ecological impact. Cricket flour requires acidity to hold it in a soluble solution. Here both citric and lactic acid are used. The citric acid gives the crispness of a lemon. Aquafaba is used to bind the protein structures in the cricket, far from the viscosity of cream and egg whites, but coupled with lactic acid leaves a mouth feel creaminess.

Sorghum syrup is the sweetener - needing less chemicals in its production than sugar - and contributing a higher minerality content. Its bitter earthy quality extenuates the earthy notes of the cricket, seaweed, Jim Beam Rye and Laphroaig, with the latter two being the sole liquor ingredients. The rye generously donates spiciness, notes of sweetness and rich body. Whereas the Laphroaig gives the depth, smokiness and hints of iodine. The use of New Zealand’s prized Wakame seaweed as a garnish plays to another food staple we can expect to see on our menus because of its health benefits and low ecological impact.

The cocktail is finished off with a wee spritz of foraged lemon blossom tincture, bestowing a fresh, floral hint to the nose and reminding the consumer of the drink’s origin.

This cocktail takes the classic fizz back to the future.

Pay It Forward

The Bramble

My cocktail is One Point Twenty One Gigawatts (1.21GW) and is a 'toast to the future' by utilising ingredients that are sustainable and forward thinking.

Not only should the future be about being kind to the planet, but being kind to one another. The second week of Feb (starting on the 10th) is International Random Acts of Kindness Week. So, our toast to the future promotion is about paying kindness forward.

The Bramble will promote a two week event starting on the 10th of 'paying it forward'. We will choose five customers and give them the first 1.21GW on the house via our Facebook promotion.

Customers will also be encouraged to purchase drinks forward for other people at the bar at any time over the two weeks. The Bramble will donate $1 from every 'paid forward' beverage over the two week period to the Australian Bush fires.