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Nick & Nora


Pineapple rind & salt cured Egg yolk


45ml ROKU Gin

20ml spent citrus oxymel

90ml spiced pineapple rim tepache

15ml aquafaba


Shake & strain


We now get to use what would otherwise end up in our compostable bin in a cocktail? Challenge accepted.

Named “Kishi Kaisei” - an old proverb used by the Japanese - to turn a desperate situation rapidly into a success. Not only are the ingredients made from spent bar ingredients, they have been fashioned into a 'health tonic'. This surely is turning woeful desperation into worthy success.

I started with the base ingredient of Roku gin, primarily because I love Japanese whiskies. A gin by the same distillers intrigued me. Roku is a full-bodied and distinctive gin that stands up to full flavoured mixers and fulfils the 'maximum taste' aspect.

Citrus shells are a standard bar waste item. Transforming them into an oxymel preserves the flavours and uses each aspect of the fruit - the flesh, the pith and the oils. An equal blend of unfiltered apple cider vinegar and Manuka honey is made. The shells of an orange, lemon and lime are then added and macerated for a week, at least. Oxymel is an ancient Iranian blend reputed for its medicinal benefits. Using Manuka honey just knocks its super powers up a notch.

Pineapple rind is usually placed into our compostable bin. Instead, I fashioned a spiced Tepache using a blend of fragrant spices and two types of brown sugar. I also used a water Kaffir to lacto-ferment the Tepache, rather than using wild natural yeast. Lacto-ferments are reputed for their help with digestion and health.

Aquafaba is the otherwise forgotten brine in the chickpea tin and the last base ingredient in this cocktail.

The garnishes are two normally wasted products. The first is pineapple rind, paying homage to a key ingredient. Second is shavings of salt cured egg yolk, a waste from when sours are made. The yolks are aged in salt and sugar and the cooked to harden. They offer a salty (slightly cheesy) flavour.


ROKU Promotion

The Bramble

For the 2 weeks between the 10th and 24th of Feb we will have a ROKU Gin promotion but with a focus upon the entered cocktail.

I will have a selection of 3 ROKU Gin cocktails and a Gin & Tonic promoted on our main cocktail board and each tables 'talker'.

The cocktails will be the Kishi Kaisei and 2 changing cocktails that showcase different aspects of the gin.

The fortnight will be started with my posting of a video that shows the making of the Kishi Kaisei cocktail.
This will be posted to The Bramble's Facebook page and TheCocktailCo Instagram page.