Federico Casadei

Hawthorn Lounge

A New Leaf




Dried rose petal


45ml Laphroaig 10 Year Old

5ml Orange Curacao

10ml Grapefruit peel sherry

20ml Hibiscus and peppercorn cordial

15ml Lemon juice


Shake and strain


New Beginnings.

We all need new beginnings.

A new year, a new season, a new chapter, a new tale, a new day, a new reason to celebrate.

'A New Leaf' represents all of this. It's intense, bubbly, juicy, spicy, sweet, smoky, and floral.

Even Walter Matthau, in the comedic 1971 movie 'A New Leaf', turned himself from a grumpy and spoilt man to a new gentleman ready for a fresh start with the discovery of a new love...

A New Leaf, a new beginning.

My cocktail is inspired by the spring, fresh starts and beautiful ingredients while being built around my hero spirit, Laphroaig 10yr Old. The smoky and peaty notes pair well with every other ingredient in my cocktail while being accentuated by the fragrant rose petal garnish. The orange curaçao, grapefruit sherry and lemon juice all provide freshness to A New Leaf while breathing new life into smoky whisky cocktails with elegant floral and spicy notes from the hibiscus & peppercorn cordial. Finished with a splash of champagne, our new beginning has never sounded so delicious.

Wildlife Fundraiser Party

Hawthorn Lounge

Hawthorn Lounge are throwing a party, featuring the finalist’s drinks, with a DJ, and a tattoo artist that will tattoo native birds on people with proceeds going to native wildlife charities. This party will take place on the 23rd of February. $1 per drink sold during the party will go to charity.