Georgia Mackenzie Evens

Hawthorn Lounge

Millennials Mash




Dehydrated Cherry tomato


50ml ROKU Gin

20ml Vermouth infused with Feta and avocado

2 Dashes Avocado Seed tincture


Stirred Down


Ahhh… Millennials; self- entitled, “selfie queens" obsessed with brunching and Instagram. Too busy throwing their money away on avocado and toast to ever buy a house.

As a millennial we get a lot a flak from people over the age of forty for trying to make the best of a bad world over brunch. We’re dealing with climate change, rising house prices, crippling student loans and the fact that Pluto is no longer a planet! I wanted to create a drink that poked a bit of fun at the classic millennial brunch - smashed avocado on toast - while showcasing how innovative and environmentally conscious our generation really is.

For this drink, I wanted to use the humble avocado as many times as I could, drawing out as much flavour as I could to create a smooth martini style cocktail that complimented Roku gin. I began by infusing a Vermouth with the pulp of an avocado, giving it a creamer feel and flavour. You really can’t have smashed avo without some feta so I then fat washed the same Vermouth with feta to add a bit of a salty tang. I took the seeds from the Avocado and made a tincture which turned out to be surprisingly nutty in flavour. Finally, I let the husks of the avocado sit in the Vermouth to dye it a dusty pink. Stirred down into an Embassy glass and garnished with the dehydrate top of a discarded tomato. So that nothing went to waste, I took the husks, crushed and dried them to create a coaster to serve then serve the drink on.

Zero Waste Menu & Farewell Party

Hawthorn Lounge

To promote my Blend cocktail we are doing a 'Zero Waste' menu at work. The menu will feature mine and Jack's Blend Cocktails as well as two additional drinks that aim to reduce waste in the bar and get the most out of oranges and other fruits used for garnishes. I've attached a copy of this menu. 

On Sunday the 24th of February, Hawthorn Lounge will be hosting a farewell party for all the Wellington Beam finalists.  All three of the Wellington finalist’s cocktails will be featured on a standalone menu as well as a selection of drink offers from the Beam Suntory portfolio.  The event will give the Wellington community a chance to celebrate with the finalist’s before they head up to Auckland to compete.