Jack Coppack

Hawthorn Lounge

Coq au vin


Double old fashioned


Calcium citrate rim


50ml Knob Creek 9YO

30ml Lemon juice chicken stock (*50ml smoked Chicken infused)

15ml 1:1 Simple syrup

1 Whole egg

10ml French red burgundy (float)


Shake and strain


When thinking about zero waste in the context of egg white cocktails, you would be forgiven for thinking that simply using the egg yolks and egg shells would be going far enough in the journey to achieve zero waste. But what if we haven't been going far enough? What if we could achieve true zero waste by utilizing the entire chicken in our cocktails?

My Coq Au Vin aims to do just this by using every part of a chicken and its egg to create a true zero waste experience. Using a flip style cocktail, the egg white and yolk creates a silky, full bodied drink, whilst the shell is dissolved in lemon juice to yield calcium citrate to rim our glass. Smoked BBQ chicken meat gets infused into Knob Creek whiskey to form the backbone of our drink. The backbone of our chicken then gets slowly simmered in the lemon juice to create a sour, flavourful lemon stock. Add a French Burgundy float on top, and you have my true zero waste take on "Coq au Vin".