Joey Clancy

The Birdcage Tavern

Sloe down and pear up


Cosmopolitan / martini


Rosemary wrapped in orange peel


30ml Sipsmith London Dry

20ml Sipsmith Sloe gin

30ml Rosemary simple syrup

20ml Pear puree

10ml Fresh lemon juice

90ml Soda


Shake and strain


You'd think ordering fruit for next day’s service would be an easy task. However, after a long double shift day the brain tends to wander. So, imagine the look on my tired morning face when I arrive to find 6kgs strange looking, pear shaped limes.

Oh, wait I'd managed to hit pears instead of limes.

Of course, being a man, I couldn't admit to making a mistake and, it being Sunday, I couldn’t send them back. Not wanting to waste any glorious fruit, I whipped up a quick cocktail to special and somehow managed to stumble on one of my best creations by complete luck.

Of course, I didn't get through 6kg's worth of pears, but we put in a good attempt. The chef now orders the fruit.

Social Media Competition

Birdcage Tavern

Giveaway Time. 

Our talented Bar Manager Joey's fantastic cocktail 'Sloe Down and Pear Up' has been chosen as a finalist in The Perfect Blend cocktail competition which celebrates World Bartender Day. 

So for the next 2 weeks you can come down to The Birdcage Tavern and try it for yourself. Made with Sipsmith Gin, Sipsmith Sloe Gin and Pears it's not to be missed. A great creation that was made by an accidental over order of pears

To win all you have to do is come in a try a 'Sloe Down and Pear Up' then take your best photo for your Instagram, tag @birdcagetavernnz, give us a follow and use the hashtags #wbd2019 #tpb2019 

Best photo wins. So start snapping. 

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