Max Roberts-Bristow

Poquito Cafe and Bar

Islaynd Time




A rosebud and salted potato crisps


50ml Bowmore No. 1

20ml Wasted sauvignon and citric cordial

3 dashes Wasted citric peel bitters

80ml Apple and croissant soda


Build over ice, garnish, enjoy. Wasted Sauvignon and citric cordial: take 500mls of old sauvignon blanc, add 250 grams of white caster sugar and gently heat until sugar has dissolved. add 15mls of citric acid solution (1:1) and bottle. Wasted citric peel bitters: using off-cuts of citric peel garnishes, take 20 grams of lemon peel, 80 grams of dried orange peel, 4 cardoman pods, 2 caraway seeds and 1/2 tsp of dried corriander and combine with 700mls of overproof white rum. strain after 7 days and bottle. apple and croissant soda: take approximately 400 grams of apple, slice and add to pot with 1L of water. very gently simmer for approximately 45 minutes. remove apple and keep. add 2 old croissants to liquid and continue to simmer until croissants have broken down. strain through coffee filter. add liquid to soda siphon and charge.


A toast to Islay, well to be more specific, the people of Islay. And to be more specific than that, the people on Islay that made my first experience there unforgettable and who truly encapsulated the essence of Islay hospitality.

I was oh so fortunate to visit Islay in October of 2018 and it has forever been my dream to go back. Not only for the whisky but the land, the smell, the sound and the people have made this a desire I need to fulfil.

We were staying at a little cottage transformed into a hotel that only served breakfast. It was in the middle of basically nowhere on the island but everywhere you looked was grass. It was beautiful, but our hosts made it. Welcoming us every morning, giving tips and advice on how to get places and who to talk to. But what made staying at this house hotel was that the managers wife went out of her way each day to make us a little packed lunch, with some crisps, an apple, a croissant and a sandwich.

We were lucky enough to visit Bowmore, the town and distillery. Our tour guide who was a bit older than the other tour guides we had, warned us that she'd only been doing tours for 3 weeks, but she grew up on the distillery and any questions we had that she couldn't answer she would go out of her way to answer it. Sure enough, one question did come up, why was the low-wines still called "low wines"? She didn't know, so paused the tour (thankfully it was just us) and took us up to the office to meet the master distiller to answer the question. Just that Islay style of going above and beyond to make the experience.

Later in the beautiful tasting room, we listened and chatted to our Tour guide; Margaret, who proceeded to tell us that Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc was her all-time favourite wine, Brancott Estate is a very common NZ Supermarket wine. We then learnt that Margaret was the wife of the Bowmore Distillery Manager.

So, my cocktail Islaynd time, is a nod to Margaret, a nod to our hosts at the hotel and every person that we met on Islay who were all amazing and had a bit of slower way of life, or as they noted, island time.

Whisky Tasting

Poquito Cafe and Bar

Come along to Poquito Bar and Cafe and listen to Max take you through his favourite part of the whisky producing world; Islay.

Max you will take you through 6 of his favourite drams that have left the island and made their way to NZ. 6 Drams, some snacks, a little something extra and some awesome banter, this event is not to be missed.