Aidan Perkins


Unfinished Business




Thin slice of Nashi pear


45ml TOKI

90ml Nashi pear tisane

15ml Heavy simple syrup (2 Parts Sugar to one part water)

15ml Malic acid solution (5%)

100ml (approx.) Cold soda water


Batched then Built


A Toast to really over complicating things. I first set out to create a cocktail that would challenge myself and push my knowledge. I wanted to create a drink that would satisfy my Dad and I’s love of whisky but that my mum (who hates whisky, especially our super peaty ones) would still be able to love. However, I quickly filled this drink with half a dozen over complicated and complex elements with the idea that that’s what a good cocktail needed. The drink went through about 20 iterations, most of them awful; at first it was a served like wine then it was an old fashioned. Despite my half a dozen technically challenging ingredients the drink would not work no matter how much I forced it. Finally, my colleagues George, Marc and Cody, sick of trying terrible tasting drinks showed me that a drink didn’t need all these elements; it just needed to taste good. So spurred on by their advice and inspired by the simplicity of the Japanese Highball, I threw away most of my complex ingredients and focused in on Nashi Pear, creating a refreshing, light and fruit forward highball that pears (pun intended) perfectly with the Ginger, Mint and Green Apple notes of Suntory Toki.