Blade Hauser

Death and Taxes

The Barran




Acid adjusted mulberry dust


45ml Jim Beam Rye

10ml Laphroaig Select Smoked vanilla syrup

20ml Clarified apple juice

45ml Mulberry wine

2 dashes Boker’s Bitters




Barran translates to ‘the black crow’ in the Yuibera people’s language and is my way of creating a toast for my personal hero, Hazel Work. A woman very passionate about our land and the nature that thrives on it. She was my nana, and I feel very privileged to have her guidance growing up. I’ve used ingredients to invoke nostalgia of life with her, from the mulberry tree in our yard, smoked vanilla syrup to represent cane fires in the winter and finally, Nana’s spirit of choice being Jim Beam, I wanted to use my favourite of the Jim Beam range in the Rye and added clarified apple juice to honour its signature “Jim Beam Rye and Apple”.

This is my toast. This is ‘The Barran’.


WIRES Charity Donation

Death and Taxes

‘The Barran’ will be available at Death and Taxes from the 10th - 24th of February. Since the drink is a toast to a former wildlife rescuer, all proceeds made from the drink will be donated to WIRES.

WIRES is a wildlife rescue organisation with a mission to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian Wildlife and inspire others to do the same. These catastrophic fires combined with the worst recorded drought in Australian history have had devastating effects on both our nature and our land. There are some selfless souls out there doing everything they can to support our wildlife, and in doing so need our support as well.