Curtis Minns

Covent Garden

Last Light


Vintage Collins glass


Rosewater Mist


45ml ROKU Gin

20ml Mulberry shrub

20ml Japanese Sencha tea

15ml yuzu Juice

10ml Orange Blossom Syrup

40ml Yuzu Soda


Dry Shake all ingredients except yuzu soda, dump into Collins glass over large block of ice, top with yuzu soda, garnish with Rose water mist, serve on large mulberry leaf.


After being offered some mulberries from a friend recently, I reminisced about a childhood home that neighboured a VERY large mulberry tree bordering our back yard. I was filled with memories of climbing the bordering fence and directly into this Mulberry tree, ready for an after-school feast. My sibling and I would gorge ourselves on the rich, dark berries for hours until our feet, fingers, faces and clothes where stained. As the sun went down, we would retreat back to the house to watch the daily migration of fruit bats crossing the sky and slowly take our places in the mulberry tree to ravage its delicious fruit some more. It’s through this drink, that I’ve tried to capture this moment in time.


World Bartender Day at Covent Garden

Covent Garden

Each Last Light Purchased, moment in time shared, and online check-in between 6:00pm and 7:00pm will enter you into a draw to win a sunset dinner for 2, including complimentary Last Light cocktails.