Jenny Wong

Sono Japanese Restaurant

Shiso Sunset




Rim Umeshiso powder rim


45ml TOKI

40ml Homemade Japanese tea cordial

20ml Godo Tantakatan shiso Umeshu

3 drops The Japanese Bitters Shiso

60ml Soda Water


In the highball glass pour Suntory TOKI, homemade tea cordial, Shiso Umeshu and shiso bitters, fill with ice and top with soda water.

Recipe: -Homemade Japanese Tea Cordial - Hojicha (toasted green tea) 5g, Wakocha (black tea) 10g, Tartaric 5g, Citric acid 2g, Caster sugar 800g, Water 1000ml. Add water and tea to a large saucepan over medium heat, simmer for 5 minutes, then add the sugar. Stir until all the sugar has dissolved. Add acid, lower the heat and simmer, stirring occasionally for 2 minutes. Remove the heat and let cool. Fine strain the tea and discard. Then pour into a bottle, cap and refrigerate.


A toast to timeless progression.

The word TOKI represents 3 meanings, it indicates an occasion, the timing of an action and being used as connection of two events referencing time. This new whiskey embodies how tradition meets innovation in a classic and timeless Japanese way. My cocktail is inspired by the Kakubin highball. Kakubin highball is an ‘old style’ highball, which is very common and popular in Japan. So, when TOKI was released, I always wanted my highball to reflect a modern approach that could be enjoyed by everyone, at any time, on any occasion. My cocktail, the Shiso Sunset, includes the hero ingredient TOKI, accompanied by a homemade Japanese tea cordial, shiso Umeshu, shiso bitters and finished with soda to give that effervescent effect Highballs are so well known for.

The colour and name of this drink takes me back to the timeless atmosphere of the Shinjuku streets. At sunset, the neon lights in the street would turn the sky pinkish and the sun would provide the perfect backdrop. The sunset over the neon cityscape is recreated through my cocktail.

The Shiso Sunset is my attempt at a progressive modern highball, a respectful nod to tradition but adjusted for modern palates, carefully created for any occasion.... A toast to timeless progression.


Shiso Sunset Pop-Up

Sonos Japanese Restaurant

On Thursday 20 February we will be holding a Shiso Sunset Popup during dinner service. It will be a mini Shinjuku bar, featuring take home cocktail recipes.