Jessica Moxon

Electric Avenue

Six Minutes to Midnight


Antique style glass (CRYSTAL) goblet


Stabilised jasmine foam, pickled ginger rosette. Drink is Served in a music box with guava (Dehydrated), Jasmine & sandalwood potpourri


45ml ROKU Gin

15ml Bols Peach Liqueur

25ml "Dream Journal" schrub (malic acid balance, guava, ginger blend)

10ml Jasmine flower gomme

3 dashes of "night Queen" aromatic bitters (sandalwood chip, GUAVA waste, ginger SKIN)

1 pinch of White pepper


Shake and strain, top with foam


The average person falls asleep in 6-7 minutes. They turn off the light, get under the covers and drift into a world of endless possibilities. A bartender is not an "average person".

We tenders work into the wee hours of the morning, feet aching, clothes stained, mind obsessing over the last 14 hours of espresso martinis and vodka sodas. A Saturday night off is a rarity, something to be cherished, an opportunity to drift into dreamland...

SIX MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT is an homage to that one moment in time- years ago for some- that one Saturday night off when the sheets were crisp and freshly laundered, the housemates were away, the scent of the neighbours jasmine crept through the window and the once imprisoned bartender said "no" to a night out and rested their weary head. Dreaming was welcomed with open arms. SMTM is inspired by the six romantic botanicas of ROKU Gin (some of which are noted sleep inducing herbs) marrying with the six precious minutes of stillness before sleep overcomes. Gentle and comforting, SMTM aims to inspire the luxury and joy of a good night's sleep, particularly for those who don't experience it often. SMTM is an event for the senses, a tipple that embraces the drinker like fresh sheets on a summer night a drink that whispers softly: "Goodnight, my sweet. Who knows what dreams may come".


ROKU Gin Appreciation Night (and more...)

Electric Avenue

Starting on the 8th Feb, my workplace and I will be running weekly social media posts in the lead up to World Bartender Day.

My cocktail, Six Minutes to Midnight, will be available from the 10th Feb until our workplaces seasonal menu change. On the menu there will be a page dedicated to my cocktail.

Until the end of the competition, ROKU Gin has been added to our Gin selection. We have created a signature iced tea and tonic/garnish serve that pays homage to my cocktail, World Bartender Day and The Blend.

To keep this excitement going, we are proposing a Suntory-ROKU Gin appreciation night. Centered around ROKU Gin, we will discuss Gin, Japanese craft, Japanese gin and whiskey history, Japanese tea ceremonies and other drinking traditions. Relative canapés will be served and guests will have an opportunity to create their own tea to pair with ROKU and participate in a small gin/tea ceremony. Throughout the night samples of ROKU will be sampled in different form (neat, with tea, cocktail, served warm etc etc) to highlight the diversity of the drink and showcase how intricate the flavours are.