Joe Steadman

Death and Taxes

The Lights of Lochindaal




Apple wood and cinnamon wood smoked shaker


50ml Bowmore No. 1

2 heaped bar spoons Vanilla curd

10ml Passionfruit

10ml Honey water 3:1

10ml Lemon

2 dashes Nori tincture


Vanilla curd- 10 egg yolks 5 tablespoons of vanilla bean paste 300g caster sugar 250g butter Combined the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla bean paste into a mixing bowl before resting over a pot of boiling water. Whisked until a thick custard if formed. Then slowly added room temp butter cubes and combined until thick and set in the fridge. Honey water- 3:1 ratio. Nori tincture-3g of nori sheets added to 150ml of vodka and left overnight to infuse, strained and bottled into a dropper Passion fruit- Cut in half and seeds strained out from the pulp Lemon- Cut in half and juiced fresh Smoked shaker garnish- This unique garnish and flavour infusion is created while building the cocktail in the toby tin, the Boston will be placed over a smoker that is smoking a blend of applewood and cinnamon wood. The captured smoke will infuse the drink, by clinging to the liquid particles and by being contained in the pockets of air that a hard shake will create.


Islay, and specifically the Bowmore distillery, is a sensory extravaganza. sight, sound, smell and taste, it’s an experience that one would never forget. This drink is a toast to my life ambition, to be privileged enough to experience it.

By using vanilla curd we highlight the vanilla notes created by the oak during the aging process in Bowmore No.1. Lemon and Passionfruit are used to balance the drink after adding Honey, which lengthens the drink. We take a step away from sweetness with a Nori tincture, which draws a focus to Loch Indaal and its salty influence on the aging process. finally, the eye-catching smoke garnish. Smoke is captured in a Boston tin, and used to aerate and infuse those warm smoky flavours into the sweet silky texture of the cocktail. By using polarising flavours, and a unique garnish, I’ve attempted to create a drink one would consume with loved ones, looking over the loch at dusk. With a harmony of salty, sweet and smoky flavours, this drink will take your senses for an adventure, an adventure I hope to one day achieve.


Classic Cocktail Class and Whisky Tasting

Death and Taxes

On Sunday 16th February at 2pm, Death and Taxes will be hosting a Classic Cocktail/cocktail creation class and Bowmore whisky tasting, with proceeds going to Alzheimer’s Australia. The event will include a welcome highball on arrival, tastings of Bowmore No. 1, Bowmore 12 and Bowmore 15, and an in depth explanation of Joe’s cocktail for The Perfect Blend, “The Lights of Lochindaal”.