Joseph Chisholm

The Boom Boom Room





Mango wedge


40ml Maker’s Mark

20ml Rosso Vermouth pineapple skin

60ml Macadamia milk

30ml Fresh pineapple juice

20ml Queensland bowen mango puree

12.5ml Bee One Third Brisbane wetlands honey


Clarified milk punch - simple process by splitting the milk using citrus. Add all INGREDIENTS (not the milk) to a jug and combine the flavours. then pour the cocktail mix into the milk and strain through a cheese cloth to capture the cruds. I used the left over pineapple skin to infuse into the Rosso vermouth to draw out more flavour.


This cocktail is inspired by the amazing fresh produce we grow here in Queensland. Each element of this drink come from different parts of this amazing state. I have great memories as a kid exploring this great land of ours and I'm excited to share with you the best bits of Queensland! Starting down on the tweed boarder we have macadamia nuts. I’ve used milk from Maleny dairy and pineapples from the Gympie highlands. But the hero of this drink is the iconic Bowen mango from North Queensland. The backbone of this cocktail is Maker’s Mark. Maker’s Mark uses winter wheat grown in the neighbouring farm, so it’s the perfect spirit to use as they believe in locality. This cocktail is a toast to Queensland and a toast to Maker’s Mark.


Red Cross Fundraising

The Boom Boom Room

Joey will be working an event at Blackbird on Friday the 14th of February to promote his cocktail. This event will raise money for the bushfire appeal, with all profits from the sale of his cocktail going to the Red Cross.