Joseph Chisholm

The Boom Boom Room

Yasi's Mark


Terracotta highball


Banana leaf/lemon & vanilla dust


50ml Maker's Mark

40ml home made banana greek yogurt

12ml spent lemon peel and cardamom honey

10ml yellow Chartreuse

2 barspoons spent lemon &cinnamon sherbert

40ml up-cycled barista milk


Blend with a milkshake maker


Yasi’s Mark is a cocktail inspired by the devastation and havoc that Cyclone Yasi created on far-north Queensland’s banana industry. In one fell swoop, hundreds of banana plantations were flattened, leaving a region responsible for 90% of Australia’s banana supply completely decimated. This drink pays homage to the local banana farmers, and their struggles, but also resilience, in rebuilding after Cyclone Yasi.

Yasi’s Mark is a cocktail that celebrates everything from the banana – its fruit, its skin, and even its leaf. Makers Mark is the hero and backbone of this cocktail offering the perfect Spirit to deliver a delicious and approachable banana cocktail.

Firstly, Makers Mark was infused with banana skins to bring out the earthy phenolics and bitter oils found in the skin. Next, I created a natural banana yoghurt using the fruit which gives this cocktail a beautiful, creamy texture. To lengthen to this cocktail I have up-cycled barista milk. In the interests of minimal waste, by using what is perceived as a single-use ingredient, the spent milk adds another dimension to this cocktail giving it a hint of nuttiness and a mellow hum. For sweetness I have used spent lemon husk and cardamom infused honey, and to balance out this cocktail, I have created a lemon and cinnamon sherbert.

Finally, Yasi’s Mark is served in a terracotta highball wrapped in a banana leaf standing tall which represents the regrowth of Far North Queensland’s banana industry.


Whiskey Masterclass

The Boom Boom Room

For World Bartender Day I will be hosting a consumer based Whisk(e)y Master class at The Boom Boom Room Vaults. In addition to the master class I'll also be showcasing my cocktail Yasi’s Mark. This event will have a food pairing element as well, showcasing great Australian produce. All proceeds from the event will go to a charity aimed at helping and supporting Queensland farmers.

My inspiration for this cocktail was to create a drink that evoked a sense of ownership and understanding of where our treasured fresh produce comes from. This event will hopefully showcase the importance of supporting our local farmers, and to outline the many struggles these people go through on a daily basis for us to have the delicious fruit and vegetables on our tables.

Yasi’s Mark social media is now live and active and the event will be promoted through all channels of media within the Ghanem Group. My cocktail will appear on a menu insert at all Ghanem group Venues across Brisbane, with hopes to try and see it on some interstate bar menus too.