Joshua Pretorius

The Cambus Wallace

A Bitter Sweet Symphony




Lemon myrtle, citric dust and dehydrated lime wheel


50ml Laphroaig 10 Year Old

30ml Lemon myrtle syrup

30ml Lime

3 dashes Charred mango bitters

25ml Egg whites

60ml Mediterranean tonic


Lemon myrtle syrup: place all ingredients in a large pot. Let simmer at 90 degrees C, stir once and let sugar dissolve in mix. Once all the sugar has been liquified, let all ingredients stand for a couple of hours before fine straining and bottling. Charred-Mango Bitters: 1x- Mango 350ml- Neutral Spirit Cut mango in half. Place solid halves on hot coals. Place off cuts in foil on top of hot coals. Remove mango once solid halves have been charred to perfection. Place charred mango and neutral spirit in jar. Let stand for 5 days. Add lemon skins to mix (for added bitterness) and let stand for 2 days. Strain and fine strain through filter paper. All limes juiced, batch of lemon myrtle leaves used for syrup and an additional limes used for garnish were placed in a dehydrator. Once dry and crisp, all fruits and leaves were brought down to a dust used for garnishing and other cocktails. Method: Place glassware on bar top, with garnishes near. Add 25ml egg whites, 30ml lime juice, 30ml lemon myrtle syrup, 3 dashes charred-mango bitters, 50ml Laphroaig 10yr into a Boston shaker. Dry shake. Add ice to glass 2 fingers worth away from the top of the glass. Add ice to shaker and shake. Double strain over ice. Let sit while you wash your shakers. Top up with Mediterranean tonic Garnish with two lemon myrtle leaves, dehydrated lime, citrus dust and metal straw. Serve.


A toast to ‘us’. My drink is a toast to all the people of the hospitality industry. I wanted to create a drink that celebrates our craft in a simple way while sustain-ably incorporating the flavours of Australia. As I have grown in the industry, I have found that we live to serve others and to create smiles and lasting experiences for others so much so that we push aside our own problems. Now being a celebratory competition, I don't want to linger too much on the topic of mental health, but I wanted to bring to our attention that everyone of us are dealing with some sort of battle. I want to urge us all to of course not bring our problems to our workplace but to make sure to lean on those we work with and create friendships with, ask for help and do things that make you happy.

My drink incorporates the time I take out to distance myself from work and responsibilities. Every few weeks, I pack my little ford with beach things as well as my two great Danes. It's an adventure from home to the beach. What I wanted to create is my time away sipping whiskey from my flask on the beach, watching my dogs wrestle the waves. Incorporating the fresh smell of salty sea water, shrub, wet dog and sandy smiles. A refreshing drink that mimics time away and time off.

A bitter sweet symphony, a toast to the people of the industry, a toast to us.

Cliché story but it ain’t weak to speak.


Hospo Charity Event

The Cambus Wallace

The Cambus Wallace will be promoting the ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ cocktail for the 2 weeks leading up to World Bartender Day.

Joshua will be hosting a hospo event on the 4th Feb, where he will be selling shirts with all proceeds going to the WIRES for further help to our native wildlife. He will continue stocking shirts to sell until the end of February. The event is being held to create awareness for mental health issues within the service industry. To purchase/pre-order a T-Shirt email the [email protected]