Joshua Pretorius

The Cambus Wallace

First Mate '46


Custom Rocks Glass (Recycled Old Glass Bottles, wrapped in rope)


Dehydrated Paper bark clipped to glass and Weaved Lemon Grass coaster


50ML Jim Beam Rye

20ML Aromatic Bourbon (P46 Sailor Wine) MAKER'S 46

3 drops of Lemon Tincture


Add the Aromatic bourbon, Peppered Sea Parsley Solution, Lemon Tincture and Jim Beam Rye Whiskey in one of two tins. In the other tin add ice as mixing will consist of throwing, to minimise dilution and maximise hydration of all the bold characters in the First Mate ’46. Strain over Large ice cube. Torch paper bark until heavy smoke, place a glass container over the cocktail and smoked paper bark and let sit for 3secs. Place weaved lemon grass coaster on bar top. Remove glass cover and clip paper bark to the cocktail. Place the drink on the coaster to serve. P46 Sailor Juice (Aromatic Bourbon Syrup)

1. Forage native ingredients- Ginger (Brooks Farm), Paper Bark (Regional Gold Coast), Sea Parsley (Southern Coastline closer to Northern NSW), Aniseed Myrtle (Brooks Farm), Lemon Grass (Home Grown) and Fresh Lemon (Home Grown).

2. Clean All foraged ingredients, especially paperbark. To rid impurities and insects. Peel any dead growth and place in a container.

3. Dehydrate then grill paperbark. Shred ginger. Zest lemons then juice. Trim Lemon grass and put excess in separate container.

4. Infuse Paper Bark with 200ml of Makers Mark 46 and 10ml of Laphroaig Quarter Cask.

5. Infuse Native Ginger 200ml of Makers Mark 46 and 10ml of Laphroaig Quarter Cask

6. Infuse Lemon Zest and Lemon Grass with 200ml of Makers Mark 46 and 10ml of Laphroaig Quarter Cask.

7. Infuse Sea Parsley with 100ml of Makers Mark 46 and 10ml of Laphroaig Quarter Cask- let stand for 24hrs

8. Let Infusions stand for 24hrs.

9. Boil Coke Cola (2L bottle was used) to extract the cola syrup, add 1 cup of raw sugar and let simmer until reduction reaches prime consistency.

10. Blanch Almonds. Once dry, remove the dark skins, blend almonds with water and fine strain until the water becomes free of sediment.

11. Combine all 200ml infusions (paperbark, native ginger, lemon zest and lemon grass) with 50mls of the Sea Parsley Infusion- this forms a spicy and herbaceous bourbon with a sharp and fresh aroma. (Infused Botanic’s). Fine strain to remove sediment from shredded ginger and any other remaining solids.

12. Add 75ml almond milk/water for weight and rounded dry texture with 225ml of lemon juice and 600ml of Coke Cola reduction. Fine strain to remove sediment from the lemon. Once fine strained successfully- add 225ml of the infused botanic’s

13. Let stand for 4hrs.

14. Taste and tweak if necessary (no alterations were made) The final product has a low abv and is best described to have a palate like a sweet vermouth, that’s a touch sharper in the herbaceous spectrum- and finished in a charred oak barrel.

15. Use excess Paperbark for garnish and weave lemongrass offcuts into coasters. Peppered Sea Parsley Solution
1. Add one tablespoon of ground Black Pepper to remaining Sea Parsley Infusion and let stand for 24hrs.
2. Strain and bottle. Lemon Tincture

1. Infuse Lemon peals without pith- in full proof clear spirit and let stand until desired charter is reached (9days).
2. Strain and bottle.


Inspired by my own journey as a young and ambitious bartender and now sailor on board the team at The Cambus Wallace. This creation is characterised by the idea of standing as a First Mate built on the foundation of standing firm amongst the hustle, humble and true to the fellow crew and more importantly willing to teach and be taught along the journey through the seas of Gods Country.

First Mate ’46, stayed true to not spending a nickle or dime on any ingredients apart from the finest sailors to lead the team resting and shining on the back bar. Understanding the character I have faith that together they will lead the crew to sail the high seas of The Perfect Blend. The use of foraging 6 native and seasonal Australian ingredients infused with second and third mate, Maker's Mark 46 and Laphroaig Quarter Cask, helped create the unique aromatic bourbon or P46 Sailor Goon. All ingredients were locally foraged and infused. The excess was recycled or used to create coasters and garnishes, therefore expenses were next to nothing and waste even less.

Jim Beam Rye stands as first mate, a bolder rye whiskey characterised by some of the oldest recipes and exacting standards, it stands strong amongst the carefully crafted native recipes. Together with the respect and balance of home-made lemon tincture, peppered Sea parsley and kelp solution as well as aromatic bourbon all unique to seasonal Queensland and Northern NSW, the ingredients or sailors help hold the bold, sweet and spicy warmth of Jim Beam Rye whiskey.

A herbaceous and warmly sweet cocktail accompanied by charred paperbark sets the scene for a strong competitor sailing through the seas of the South Pacific Ocean.


A Riddle a Day...

The Cambus Wallace

For two weeks leading up to World Bartender Day, the crew at The Cambus Wallace will be going on a maiden voyage to conquer the seas of the Nobbys and Miami. A riddle a day will help steer all on board in the right direction as well acquiring some loot.

Patrons will be supplied with a new hand-written riddle on either left over skins or scraps attached to the First Mate ’46 Cocktail. It will further be given to any customers that enquire with the pamphlet hidden around the venue and in the menu. -‘Happy sailing’