Kiki Day

Hello Gorgeous

Snowed out


Yunomi cup


Lightly roasted black and white sesame seeds


50ml Hibiki Harmony

10ml Bols Apricot Brandy Liqueur

10ml Egg white

20ml Black sesame lemon royal tea cream

Approx 60ml Calpis (calpico) soda (10:1)


Shaken - served fizz style.


Doing anything on your own is scary. Doing something in another country that doesn't speak your language is scarier. Traveling is a big part of a lot of people's lives, mine especially, and there's always a couple key moments on your first trip alone that you will remember fondly forever. For me, a trip alone to Japan was so eye opening and inspiring I decided to make it into a drink; but there's one key moment while I wasn't alone that I'll look back on and smile at for the rest of my life. After experiencing a complete culture immersion for 10 days by myself, I met up with a friend and had a night in Niseko walking through a freezing cold blizzard. Over there you can buy a lot of good whisky in simple convenience stores; so what did we do to stay warm? Buy a flask of whisky and a hot royal milk tea! We then walked around in the snow for hours, talking about what I had experienced in the last 10 days. This drink is also a representation of the premise of the flavour 'umami'. A flavour that the Japanese invented, 'umami' meaning 'balance'; and in that moment, everything felt quite balanced.

Explaining 'umami' more: umami itself is a savoury flavour; however, I have made quite a sweet drink. This is because I am trying to create the 'idea' of umami being a balance of flavours, rather than use the flavour itself. Citrus and cream should not go together. Citrus makes cream curdle. However, a Ramos gin fizz exists and it's delicious! Simply because of the balance of the drink. I have created a balanced fizz, using all Japanese flavours and ingredients (twisting them in ways they are not usually used! Eg: sesame is usually a very much so savoury flavour) that inspire me. Creating the idea of umami and a delicious journey in a drink.


World Bartender Day at Hello Gorgeous

Hello Gorgeous

For the promotional aspect of The Perfect Blend 2019, I will be offering my cocktail over the bar at Hello Gorgeous on the dates of 10th Feb - 24th Feb. My activation will include not only the whisky my cocktail is made on, Hibiki Harmony, but a range of the Beam Suntory profile. This is an attempt to not only offer the cocktail to a larger market by creating a range of pricing points but also educate the general public on the Beam Suntory profile. I'll create a tasteful sign to sit on the bar, with information about my cocktail and The Perfect Blend competition.

Along with this, I will be promoting the cocktail on my bartending Instagram, liquidwizard__ . Information on where the cocktail is available and the products in it will also be promoted here.

I have also sent a brief to several bars in Brisbane in attempt to widen the distribution of the experience of this promotion and educate even further markets. My plan is to sell my cocktail over their bar for a limited number of days in this two week period, to be exactly confirmed soon and promoted on the Instagram page.