Leroy Martin-McEwen


The Architect


Stemless wine glass




45ml ROKU Gin

10ml Bols Crème de Cassis Liqueur

20ml Beaujolais (French red wine)

25ml Lemon juice

15ml Cardamom black Tea syrup - sweetened Darjeeling tea, cardamom added after steeping

40ml Goats milk


This drink is a clarified milk punch. to make the drink, we add all ingredients minus the goat’s milk to a vessel and ensure correct acidity. add goat’s milk to the batch and allow time to curdle. we then fine strain through a coffee filter twice. Ensure all fat solids have been removed and resulting liquid is clear.


Ok, so this one here gets a bit personal.

When I was 6 years old, my mother started dating a man that wasn't my father. Picture a muscly bald man wearing a moustache and goatee combo and a grim demeanour, yet he couldn't be further from that in personality if he tried. He was shy, intelligent and caring. He preferred red wine to beer, drank tea (unfortunately with milk) instead of coffee, played backgammon with me before bedtime, always took me up on my offer of a running race at the beach and most importantly, made my mother very happy.

Yet he never tried to replace my father.

You see, my father was never a mainstay in my life, my mother and I rode that ride solo.

Jason was there for her and I in every way required of a Patriarch - An architect of the family.

So, my drink goes out to not only mine, but all father figures. The role you play in a young mans life is deep and meaningful.

We need to know how to build, how to change a tire, how to shave, how to control and effectively show our emotions.

We need to know how to be a man.

My drink is a reflection of the role that my father figure played in my life.

ROKU is my choice of hero spirit, 6 was the age he entered my life, and delicate was the way he influenced me.

I have paired the floral notes of ROKU, tea, and red wine as a nod to the flavours I noticed him enjoying.

A clarified milk punch is a wonderful way to influence a drink with the creaminess of the milk without changing the structure of the cocktail, another nod to the subtle impression he has made in my life.

Finally, I have served the drink in a stemless wine glass with block ice and no garnish, so as to show simplicity. The drink stands up visually without a garnish and has an aroma that leaves a lasting impression long after the flavour as left the pallet.

So, here's to you Jason! and here's to all the father figures whether by blood or not.


Cobbler Cocktail and Cheese Night


Cobbler Bar will be hosting a cocktail and cheese night!

Sam Richards from deluxe food will be coming in to talk all about cheese, where it comes from, how it is aged, appellations, and production methods. Leroy will also be holding a fermentation and yeast masterclass, talking about the effects of yeast in distillation and then talking about using milk solids and proteins in drinks.

It will be a ticketed event held on the 11th of Feb (Tuesday). Tickets will be available through the Cobbler Bar Facebook page.