Leroy Martin-McEwen

The Gresham Bar

Pips 'n' all




Baked sugar coated apple skins and a ringo star (apple star)


40ml Hibiki Harmony

15ml Bols Peach Liqueur

20ml apple soaked FINO sherry

3 dashes of absinthe

50ml apple soda


Build in highball


Since I was a small boy, I’ve always eaten the entire apple. It’s how my Mum eats them, and I’ve always just followed suit. It wasn’t until I was in school that I realized that an apple-core was a common byproduct.

When I first read about the ‘minimal waste, maximum taste’ category, I was immediately reminded of my inadvertent sustainability, and my decision was made – I was going to use a whole apple, pips and all.

My drink utilizes the whole apple. The flesh of the apple is used twice – once to infuse into fino sherry, and again by being blended with water and acid solution to create a crushed apple and sherry soda. The apple skins I’ve recycled in the same way my mother would when making apple crumble – dusted with sugar and baked to make a crunchy garnish to compliment the course. A cross-section of the apple, when cut laterally, creates a visually appealing star garnish that gives the drink its namesake. Of course at its core, Hibiki Harmony – with its light body and orchard fruit notes - pair with the lashings of peach liqueur and apple soda to create a delicious highball to be enjoyed as readily as a fresh apple as a summertime treat in Queensland’s hot summers.


Build Your Own Highball Night

The Gresham Bar

I will be hosting a Build-your-own-highball night in The Drawing Room at The Gresham on Wednesday the 13th Feb. During the session I will be talking about the history of soda through the 1700s until now. This will cover all things medicinal, impractical, highball and local. In the session, all guests will see 2 whiskies - Maker's 46 and Hibiki Harmony, and 3 homemade sodas, with which they may add to their highballs according to their preferences, and of course a taste of my Pips & All Blend finals cocktail.

Throughout the fortnight of promotion, anyone who takes a photo of their highball made anywhere in Australia and tags @badbadleroyoscar and hashtags #worldbartenderday #beamsuntory will go in the draw to win 1 of 3 packs of reusable straws. We at the Gresham are almost out of our last case of plastic straws before we give up on the plastic tube for good!

Finally, I will be doing a pop-up shift at Brooklyn Standard, an American Dive bar, in order to promote highballs and whiskey in general. This will be on Thursday 21st of Feb.