Luke Kelly

The Scottish Prince

Lord of the Isles


Viking Vessell (Highball)


Taragon flower


30ml Laphroaig Select

15ml Dried Game Infused Laphroaig Quarter Cask

15ml Mead Wine

45ml Parsnip and Ginger Reduction (Spiced with citric Acid)

2 dashes of Aromatic Bitters

60ml Ocean Soda (Chablis/water 1:4, sea salt)


Shaken With Soda Top.


In the middle of the 12th century, there lived a Viking warrior by the name of Somerled, of probable mixed Gaelic-Norse ancestry, who began a campaign to invade the Scottish Isles, and in time, succeeded. He passed his throne down to his son, then to his son, Donald, and therefore the beginning of the Clan Donald. Multiple battles against the Scottish crown were had to keep their land, and the crown with all their money and might, and a couple hundred years, started to come out on top until one man, the Lord of the Isles, Angus Og, descendent of Somerled, won back all their forfeited land, and additional new land, in the early 14th century.

This drink has been designed to re-create the flavours and aromas that would have been present on the celebration of this victory had by the Lord of the Isles, with root vegetables, spices, dried game, saline, mead and what I believe would have been the Lords whisky, Laphroaig. Take a trip back to the Viking-age moment in time and enjoy the glory of a win in Battle.



World Bartender Day at The Scottish Prince

The Scottish Prince

Please see attached Promotional Flyer to Run for WBD 10-24th Feb in venue at The Scottish Prince, Gold Coast, QLD. It will be printed out on Cream, Scroll-like paper to resemble the time of the drinks setting.