Nicholas Harris

Jimmy Rum's Mixing Lounge

Peel Me a Grape


Nick & Nora


orange pulp wafer, honeycomb and lemongrass spray


50ml Auchentoshan Three Wood

10ml Flambéed Knob Creek Bourbon fat washed with coffee butter

7.5ml bitter verjus

7.5ml pinot noir and pomace reduction


1) Flambéed Knob Creek Bourbon Fat Washed with Coffee Butter: In a large saucepan combine 50g unsalted butter and 30g leftover espresso grind (Guatemalan Single Origin) on low heat until the butter melts. Transfer the butter to an airtight container, straining off the espresso grind. Return the saucepan to stove and pour in 100ml of Knob Creek Bourbon on high heat to ignite. Allow to flambé for 10 seconds. Combine the Flambéed Knob Creek with the melted coffee butter and let infuse at room temperature for 30 minutes then transfer to freezer and leave over night. Strain the Fat Wash through a cheese cloth and bottle.

2) Bitter Verjus: Run 1KG of seeded red grapes, including the stems, through an electric juicer.

3) Pinot Noir and Pomace Reduction: Combine 1L of oxidised Pinot Noir, 500g White Sugar and 500g leftover grape pulp from making Biter Verjus on low heat until sugar dissolves and the volume reduces by half. Strain off solids.

4) Coffee Grape Leather: Combine discarded coffee grind and pomace solids, spread out thinly over baking paper, in a dehydrator set for 12 hours at 55c.


This cocktail is inspired by my love for giving great hospitality behind the bar.

The first time a guest told me that my service had made them happy was when all I had created for them was a glass of wine and a nip of whisky. Us Bartenders call ourselves many things, depending on the environment we mature our craft in, but I now think of myself as a' Grape Peeler' as I see my job as making my guests feel like they're being indulged. With this in mind I wanted to use every part of a grape as well as various grape based products to create an indulgent, closed-loop serve. Auchentoshan Three Wood as the hero spirit was the key to bringing this drink to life as the dual influence of Oloroso and Pedro Ximenes Sherry casks work harmoniously with fresher grape and wine flavours. The inclusion of Coffee Butter Washed Knob Creek compliments the richness of Three Wood and give a homage to the American Oak Cask influence.

Peel Me A Grape!


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