Samuel Russ




Sake Carafe and Sake Cups


Yuzu zest discard


60ml HAKU Vodka

20ml Foraged Lilly Pilly infused Haketsuru Junmai-shu Sake

3 dashes Wakame tincture


Batched and group serve in a sake carafe with sake cups. Measurements given are for one serve. Foraged Lilly Pilly infused Haketsuru Junmai-shu Sake: Combine 10g Lilly Pilly flowers with 100ml Haketsuru Junmai-shu Sake in a vacuum sealed bag and sous vide for 2 hours at 45 degrees Celsius. Wakame Tincture: Combine 5g Wakame with 50ml HAKU Vodka and sous vide 2 hours at 65 degrees.


My cocktail, YŪJŌ (meaning “friendship” in Japanese), is a toast to the friendship between Kobe, Japan and Brisbane, Australia. Kobe was Brisbane’s first sister city with the agreement being signed in 1985. I discovered this connection whilst visiting Kobe early in 2019 and, as a Brisbane native, felt a strong connection to the area after noticing the similarities between the two. Not only did I find a connection with the city itself, the people of Kobe welcomed me with open arms and I had the privilege of immersing myself in their culture.

Representing this experience, I have combined Junmai Sake from the Nada district near Kobe with Lilly Pilly flowers which grow abundantly in Brisbane (including my very own backyard). A Wakame tincture acts as an ode to the coastal nature of both cities which serve as vibrant port cities. Pairing these bespoke ingredients with HAKU vodka was an obvious choice. Not only due to my time spent in Hakuba, which shares a namesake with the smooth, bamboo charcoal filtered spirit, but also to highlight the superior craftsmanship of the Japanese people.

Serving this drink in a Sake carafe as a group serve allows for the Japanese influence of the drink to be expressed but also promotes the social nature of the people of Kobe, the sharing of experiences, and blossoming of friendships.

YŪJŌ encapsulates the spirit of friendship not only between the cities of Brisbane and Kobe, but the friendships I built between myself and the beautiful people of Kobe.


The Classic Martini Session


Come in and learn the secrets of the most ubiquitous cocktail in history, the classic Martini, featuring Yūjō, bartender Samuel Russ’ entry into The Perfect Blend 2020 Cocktail Competition.

Yūjō, meaning “friendship” in Japanese, is a toast to the strong bonds between Brisbane, Australia and Kobe, Japan who signed Brisbane’s first ever sister city agreement in 1985. A perfect blend of Japanese and Australian ingredients come together to create a crisp, refreshing martini served in a traditional Sake set to be shared among friends.

An arrival HAKU Highball will get the evening started before Sam unravels the mysteries of the martini with your choice of HAKU Vodka or ROKU Gin, two of Beam Suntory’s premium spirits made in Japan. Following this, guests are invited to indulge in a sampling of Yūjō whilst listening to the inspiration behind the drink.

Snacks will be provided on the night and everything is included in the ticketed price of $50 per person. Event will be held 18th February, 2020. Spots are strictly limited so get yours quick by contacting the Cobbler Instagram page @cobblerwestend or Samuel Russ @bikesbeveragesbowties.